Designline Olympus Hybrid

珀麗灣於初期已經表明要打造成一個綠色社區,故此外來車輛除非得到許可,否則一律嚴禁進入珀麗灣。同樣地,珀麗灣客運作為珀麗灣對外交通營運商,亦貫徹有關綠色社區精神,向紐西蘭Designline訂購三架Olympus Mk II,首架新車於二零零三年到港,餘下兩架則於二零零四年到港。三架混能巴士底盤是由猛獅供應,配用日本電裝空調系統。


"Green Community", is the theme of the Park Island development project. Unless authorized vehicles, other vehicles are all prohibited from entering Park Island. As the sole public transport service provider, Park Island Transport Co. Ltd. introduced three Designline Olympus electric hybrid buses from New Zealand in 2003 to respond to the theme of "Green Community". The first hybrid bus was arrived in 2003 while the remaining two were delivered in 2004. The chassis was supplied by MAN from Germany equipped with Nippon-Denso air-con unit.

Unfortunately, the performance of the hybrid bus was unsatisfactoried, most of the time they were just stand-by at the terminus instead of serving residents. Those entered service in 2004 were withdrawn from the fleet in 2005 while the first one, ended it service life in May, 2010

車牌 Registration No:KZ1269

車牌 Registration No:LG517 (由K.H. Ng拍攝, Photo taken by K.H. Ng)

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