三菱Rosa Mitsubishi Rosa

編號 Class:R01 - R326





二零一三年新福利再次購入全新Rosa,為數兩部符合歐五排放的Rosa於三月二十日抵達澳門,成為車隊中首款歐盟五型巴士。在完成所有出牌前測試及程序後,新車較澳巴的歐五標準五洲龍搶先一日服務乘客,至於有關歐五版Rosa的詳細介紹,可瀏覽本頁另一篇章。目前,新福利的Rosa小巴主要服務於9,15,17,26及28C路線,在經過十至十一年勞碌生涯後,新福利開始將車隊中較舊的Rosa退役外,同一時間於二零一一年停駛,未有更換電子路線牌的Rosa亦被安排復出行走,用作租賃用途。隨著車隊中碩果僅存,配用手動波箱的Rosa(R241 - R261)退役,新福利載客車隊再沒有任何巴士配置手動波箱。

When Transmac awarded the new franchise in 1988, they invested a lot in purchasing new buses to replace the aging fleet, mainly those second-hand buses from UK, inherited from Fok Lei. After the introduction of 6 Nissan Civillian, Transmac started to order Rosa from Mitsubishi. It was a common scene of Rosa in Macau as from 1988- 2005, total 321 Mitsubishi Rosa were acquired with 9 batches and become the mainstream of the fleet. The flexibility brought by the short bodywork made Rosa suitable all the routes serving Macau and further order made was resulted.

Unlike Hong Kong, standing is allowed on minibus and total capacity of 32-35 passengers can be achieved, same as the number of seat provided in a midibus. Different specifications and interiors were chosen on different batch of Mitsubishi Rosa. From R01-R160, featured with rounded headlights, single doorway and only different frontal grille was chosen. Fully automatic gearbox and rectangular headlights is seen on Rosa commissioned in 1994 onwards and still with single doorway bodyworks. Transmac requested Mitsubishi providing Rosa with dual-door bodyworks to facilitate the flow of passengers and the first batch were entered service in 1999. This batch of Rosa not only the first batch of Rosa fitted with dual-door bodyworks with Transmac but also the first in the world.

It was not surprise that Transmac ordered more and more dual-door version Rosa as they can accommodate more commuters and a better movement within the cabin. Hence, better carrying capacity resulted. Dual-door Rosa instead of featuring dual doorways, the emergency exit located at the rear was cancelled and the entrance is much closer to the front axle. Within different batch of 105 dual-door version Mitsubishi Rosa, sealed windows were chosen on R232-R241 while manual transmission seen on R242-R261.

The role of Mitsubishi Rosa played nowadays is not as important before. Transmac started to replace the aging Rosa with Higer full-sized single decker to cope with the change of the operation environment and the growing demand. Only about 80 Mitsubishi Rosa remain in the fleet and all are dual-doors version fitted with electronic route display in Mar., 2012. For the retired single door version Rosa, some were transferred to AA Tours, a subsidiary of Transmac, for use on tour service. Several samples were converted as coin-box vehicles and at least, R139 converted to a driver trainer.

Though the fleet of Transmac mainly composed of buses made in China, when ordered new minibus, the tender still went to Mitsubishi. Five Mitsubishi Rosa were delivered to Transmac in Aug., 2011 but not yet registered until Aug., 2012. This batch of Rosa featured with Euro 4 standard engine fitted and they are the first bus model complied with Euro 4 standard in the fleet. A further pair of Rosa joined Transmac in Mar., 2013, they are the first Euro 5 standard bus in Transmac and as they entered service just one day earlier before the Euro 5 Wuzhoulong of TCM, they become the first Euro 5 bus serving commuters in Macau. For more details about the Euro5 version Rosa, please refer to another page within Cute Bus File.

At present, Mitsubishi Rosa mainly seen on route 9, 15, 17, 26 and 28C and they are going to retire soon after their 10 - 11 years of useful service life, though some of the batch stored in the depot, and retained the original route indicator box, returned to service for bus hiring duty. Moreover, there is no more bus with manual transmission deployed on revenue service in Transmac fleet after the withdrawal of R241 - R261.

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Mitsubishi Rosa (Single door version, R01- R216) [ back to top ]

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R69
車牌 Registration No.:MC9412
路線 Route:9

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R166
車牌 Registration No.:MF5632
路線 Route:26A

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R181
車牌 Registration No.:MF6492
路線 Route:7

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R190
車牌 Registration No.:MG4760
路線 Route:28B

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R198
車牌 Registration No.:MG4772
路線 Route:35

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R203
車牌 Registration No.:MG4884
路線 Route:28A

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R206
車牌 Registration No.:MG4889
路線 Route:已退役 Withdrawn

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R208
車牌 Registration No.:MG4890
路線 Route:35

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R210
車牌 Registration No.:MG4895
路線 Route:AP1

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R211
車牌 Registration No.:MG4905
路線 Route:AP1

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R212
車牌 Registration No.:MG4911
路線 Route:28BX

Mitsubishi Rosa (dual door version, R217- R321) [ back to top ]

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R221
車牌 Registration No.:MH4207
路線 Route:7A

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R222
車牌 Registration No.:MI3576
路線 Route:2

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R224
車牌 Registration No.:MI3583
路線 Route:3A

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R225
車牌 Registration No.:MI3584
路線 Route:33

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R227
車牌 Registration No.:MI3588
路線 Route:7
路線 Route:50

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R229
車牌 Registration No.:MI3590
路線 Route:2

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R232
車牌 Registration No.:MI3970
路線 Route:專車 Reserved

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R235
車牌 Registration No.:MI3977
路線 Route:6

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R236
車牌 Registration No.:MI3984
路線 Route:26A

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R237
車牌 Registration No.:MI3990
路線 Route:28BX

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R238
車牌 Registration No.:MI3991
路線 Route:28A

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R239
車牌 Registration No.:MI3994
路線 Route:28B

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R240
車牌 Registration No.:MI4000
路線 Route:28B

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R242
車牌 Registration No.:MJ7004
路線 Route:26

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R244
車牌 Registration No.:MJ7017
路線 Route:26

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R248
車牌 Registration No.:MJ7021
路線 Route:34

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R249
車牌 Registration No.:MJ7015
路線 Route:9

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R250
車牌 Registration No.:MJ7022
路線 Route:7
路線 Route:28A

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R252
車牌 Registration No.:MJ7113
路線 Route:15

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R253
車牌 Registration No.:MJ7141
路線 Route:28A

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R256
車牌 Registration No.:MJ7125
路線 Route:28A

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R257
車牌 Registration No.:MJ7145
路線 Route:28A
路線 Route:收車回廠 Off Service

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R259
車牌 Registration No.:MK4075
路線 Route:28C
The interior of R259

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R260
車牌 Registration No.:MJ7114
路線 Route:26

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R262
車牌 Registration No.:MK4082
路線 Route:16
路線 Route:35

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R266
車牌 Registration No.:MK4068
路線 Route:9

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R272
車牌 Registration No.:MK4086
路線 Route:15
路線 Route:16

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R283
車牌 Registration No.:MK9183
路線 Route:26A

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R288
車牌 Registration No.:MK4486
路線 Route:28A

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R289
車牌 Registration No.:MK4509
路線 Route:28A

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R294
車牌 Registration No.:MK8654
路線 Route:28B

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R296
車牌 Registration No.:MK8754
路線 Route:28B

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R299
車牌 Registration No.:MK8807
路線 Route:39

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R301
車牌 Registration No.:MK8921
路線 Route:17

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R302
車牌 Registration No.:MK9063
路線 Route:
路線 Route:28B

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R308
車牌 Registration No.:MK9171
路線 Route:28C

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R309
車牌 Registration No.:MK9183
路線 Route:28C

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R311
車牌 Registration No.:MK9356
路線 Route:6

Mitsubishi Rosa (dual door version, Euro 4, R322 - R326) [ back to top ]

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R322
車牌 Registration No.:MQ7075
路線 Route:9

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R323
車牌 Registration No.:MQ7085
路線 Route:28C

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R325
車牌 Registration No.:MQ7101
路線 Route:9

車隊編號 Fleet No.:R326
車牌 Registration No.:MQ7112
路線 Route:17

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