Scania K280IB

編號 Class:DBAY171,172

車隊編號/車牌 Fleet No./Registration No.:DBAY172/TH7240

愉景灣為了配合愉景灣北部發展,於二零一一年在二手市場中購入兩架配葡萄牙Alfredo Caetano的猛獅16.280。儘管兩車都達到歐盟三型排放標準,而且車齡不算太高(於二零零四年三月首次登記),但可惜兩車機件可靠性方面,未能令人滿意。適逢政府推出資助,鼓勵業界淘汰舊型商用車,更換符合歐盟五型或以上排放標準的新車,促使有關方面決定購入新車作代替。

雖然在上一次更新機場線車隊之後,愉景灣有進一步購入富豪B7R客車,但令人意外是這趟更新車隊行動中,富豪未有獲得垂青,反而向另一瑞典車廠Scania招手,購入兩架K280IB。Scania巴士出現於愉景灣並不是新鮮事,早於二零一三年,配合位於愉景灣北部的酒店開幕,購入兩架配捷聯JL-010車身的Scania K320IB客車。至於這兩架Scania K280IB,車身配搭為這個社區帶來新意,配用了Marcopolo Audace 1050車身,於中國常洲裝配完成。愉景灣這兩架K280IB配用原廠的DC09-113歐盟六型排放標準引擎及原廠Opticruise波箱,足夠推動由Spheros提供的空調系統,為容納四十九個乘客車廂提舒適旅程。

兩架Scania K280IB於二零一五年五月登記出牌,並主力行走往返機場的DB02R線,值得留意是兩車初期曾對調車隊編號,而一如早年引進的富豪B7R,兩架新車只簡單地鬆上愉景灣的企業色彩,未有任何公司標誌張貼於車身,至於車尾引擎蓋則貼上了標貼,宣傳此車符合歐六排放標準。

DBTSL acquired a pair of second-hand Alfredo Caetano bodied MAN 16.280 in 2011 to cope with the development project of Discovery Bay (North). Unfortunately, performance of these pair of MAN was unsatisfactory though their first registration made in Apr ., 2011 and complied with the Euro 3 emission standard. The HKSAR Government launched a Ex-gratia Payment Scheme to encourage transport industry phasing out Pre-Euro 4 Diesel Commercial Vehicle since Mar ., 2014, as a result, DBTSL decided to introduce new buses which can meet Euro 5 or higher emission standard as replacement.

Though more Volvo B7R were ordered after the first two joined in 2012, it was surprised that Scania K280IB with Marcopolo Audace 1050 bodywork was introduced. This batch of order consisted of 2 K280IBs and before their arrival, DBTSL already operated another pair of Scania coach, K320IB with local Jit Luen JL-010 bodywork, for the use of shuttle service of Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong. Their 49-seated bodyworks were completed in Changzhou, China and air conditioned by Spheros air conditioning unit driven by the power unit from Scania, a Euro 6 DC09-113 engine with the Opticruise transmission.

DBTAL allocated Scania K280IB on the service DB02R to and from the Airport and as the Volvo B7R, they just carried the standard "Dbay" corporate livery without any logo and a sticker was put onto the engine cover to promote they are Euro 6 emission buses. Moreover, their fleet number was swapped during the early days of their registration.

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