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NLB route 34 linking Shek Mun Kap and Tung Chung was mainly operated by minibus due to the narrow road conditions it served. MS13 (RY4232) was one of the Mitsubishi Rosa acquired from Kwoon Chung Group for route 37H in 2015 and after deployment of full-sized single decker on the route, it was allocated on route 34 and seen here awaiting it next duty back to Tung Chung at Shek Mun Kap. A pair of Toyota Coaster from Kwoon Chung was introduced in Mar., 2021 as fleet replacement for route 34.



HK Airport Services Ltd (HAS) acquired a batch of 4 Alexander Dennis Enviro200MMC in 2019 as a replacement of the Zhongtong from China in the fleet and they were the first batch Enviro200MMC to be bodied at Zhuhai Guangtong Automobile Company Ltd. plant. First to be registered in Dec., 2020 was C07(XC2294) and seen here heading to Cathay City at Chun Wan Road Interchange.



BYD successfully won the tender for supplying full-sized pure electric single decker to KMB and LWB and SE101 (UT6035) was one of the K9R electric bus to be delivered to LWB in 2016. Revenue evaluation was started in mid. of 2017 and at present, S65 was the route commonly served by them. Further purchase for BYD electric bus was made by KMB in 2020 and the brand new BYD B12 build in Hangzhou are expected to be delivered shortly.



NLB route 37 was a Tung Chung internal service that linking Tung Chung East and West. Poor patronage as a result of competition from City Bus E21A and indirect routing. NLB further suspended route 37 under COVID-19 and route 37H as an alternative which served the similar areas. Though route 37 was resumed service afterwards, it was converted to a schoolday service only operated on Mondays to Fridays since 7 Feb., 2021 with routing amendments and affected passengers can take route 37H as alternative.



DBTSL route 9A which ceased operation on 8 Nov., 2020 was mainly served by midibuses like MAN 12.240, 14.250 and Alexander Dennis Enviro200Dart. It was not a common sight for a full-sized single decker like DBAY117 (VU4770), a MAN NL323, working on route 9A and seen here prepared to depart from DB Plaza to Chianti (The Pavilion).



The indirect and parallel to railway routing result in the low patronage of KMB route 281M especially after the opening of the Tuen Ma Line Phase 1 and Hin Keng Station. Headways of 281M will be adjusted in Dec., 2020 and further actions including cancellation of the service can be expected after the fully opening of Tune Ma Line.



Besides the BYD K9R, City Bus also acquired a batch of 3 LS-130-116 electric bus from GDEV of Chin with the aid of the HKSAR Government for evaluation. They were supposed to be entered service in Sep., 2016 but the actual commission date was postponed to 2 Jun., 2017 due to technical issues. There was still room for improvement of their performance and 1584(UC8125) was sent back to Shandong for further adjustments to suit the operation need in Hong Kong and not yet return to service at this moment.


香港中文大學購入的十一架Scania K320IB4x2NB校巴已全數於二零二零年九月前領牌,並於新學年開始時正式投入服務。WW9499屬於最新四部最新新車之一,在一個下雨的週末行走8號線,來到新亞書院。

All CUHK Scania K320IB4x2NB school bus were registered by Sep., 2020 and commissioned in the new semester. WW9499 was one of the last 4 to be registered and seen here at New Asia College when working on route 8 in a rainy Saturday.



MTR bus regiustered a batch of 10 new buses in 2018 and 2 Alexander Dennis Enviro400 were included. As the Enviro500MMC, these Enviro400s were fitted with old version bodywork instead of the Facelift version for the ease of maintenance and parts storage. 149(VN1174) seen here heading to Lau Fau Shan passing through Ping Ha Road ouside Tin Shui Wai Station.



Seen here turning into Tung Lo Wan Road heading to Jardine's Lookout is CTB YoungMan JNP6105GR 1811(RR2264). Total 16 JNP6105GRs were acquired in 2012 and they were the second China made bus in City Bus fleet after the Norinco Neoplan BN316 in early 1990s. They were actively serving routes mainly operated by single decker like 11, 12, 12A, 12M and 76 with 4 samples converted as training bus for driver training in 2020.



It was not so long for fully retirement of the ATS-class, Dennis Trident 10.6m in KMB fleet and most of the routes used to serve by them already replaced by other bus model like the brand new Alexander Dennis Enviro500MMC 11.3m for route 64K. ATS71 (KC8419) seen here picking up passengers at Tai Po Central was already retired in the mid. of 2019.



MT7358 was new to T.C.M in 2014 and transferred to New Era in the end of Oct., 2017 together with a batch of Yutong ZK6118HGE to exchange a batch of Yutong ZK6115HG1 for operation of route 22. Fleet number 5048 was assigned on MT7358 during the age of New Era and on 1 Aug., 2018, it was backed to T.C.M after New Era merged into T.C.M and serve passengers with T.C.M livery again.



Medium-sized single decker was the mainstream for KMB route 53 after converted to full air-conditioned operation as limitation imposed by the road conditions of Ping Ha Road near Hang Mei Tsuen. As the relaxation of fleet deployment, Alexander Dennis Enviro400 was gradually deployed and at present, Enviro500MMC 11.3m can be seen on route 53 too.



MTR Bus acquired a batch of 11 Alexander Dennis Enviro200Dart in 2008 as a replacement of the Mitsubishi MK midibus serving the West Rail feeder bus service. As the demand change along with the town development, they cannot suit the need and they were mainly stand by at different railway station or for driver training and it become a rare sight of route K58 served with Enviro200Dart.


城巴車輛服務新巴9號線,箇中原因是配合山頂纜車改善工程,新巴需向城巴租用車輛,以彌補抽調車隊中矮身版亞歷山大丹尼士Enviro400前往山頂之後,所出現的車隊空缺。7048 (RX3401)出現於石澳巴士總站,準備接載遊客返回筲箕灣,過往這個巴士總站,未曾出現過帶城巴色彩的巴士。

To cope with the Peak Tram Upgrade Project, NWFB need to allocate it low-bridge Alexander Dennis Enviro400 on routes linking the Peak and hiring Enviro400 from City Bus to support route 9 and 14 was resulted. 7048 (RX3401) was seen here at Shek O Bus Terminus where no City Bus serving before.



In 2015, a batch of 5 Mitsubishi Rosa minibus joined New Era in Macau and it was the only non-China made bus model in the fleet. As merger of New Era and TCM in Aug., 2018, all Mitsubishi Rosa was transferred to TCM and the scene of Rosa with New Era livery running in Macau will be never seen again.



A total of 10 MAN NL273 full-sized super low floor single decker was acquired by NLB to cope with the expansion of route networks in 2007 after the opening of Shenzhen Bay Port. All of them were delivered and commissioned in 2008 and route 38 was one of the route served with the NL273. After about 11- 12 years service in NLB, they were gradually withdrawn and only half of the fleet (MN34/NG6141 shown in the photo was included) left in NLB.



Hong Kong was facing economic downturn under the epidemic of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia and bus advertising was serious affected. ATSE15 (RU2798) was demonstrated how KMB bus looks like after the expiry of banner advertisement under such atmosphere.



A DBTSL Euro 6 MAN A22 (DABY117/VU4770) was seen here at Marina Drive heading to Tung Chung Station when working on route DB01R. Route DB01R together with DB03R were temporary relocated their terminus to Marina Drive on 25 Feb., 2017 as the reconstruction of the DB Pier Terminus. After completion of the work, they were resumed their terminus and now known as DB Plaza since 12 Jan., 2020.


香港中文大學於二零一八年向Scania購入七架配Marcopolo車身的Scania K320IB4x2NB,以替換車隊中原有的非空調五十鈴校巴。一如以往,這批新校巴除了一架是採用單門設計車身外,其他成員都是如圖中WP7842一樣採用雙門設計車身,以及設有企位,以應付校內穿梭接駁服務需要。首批五架新車於二零二零年三月三十日正式投入服務,而中大亦已經加訂四架同款新車,作為替換二零一九年十一月社會事件中損毀嚴重校巴的空缺。

A batch of 7 Scania K320IB4x2NB bodied by Marcopolo was acquired by CUHK as fleet replacement in 2018. Except one of the batch was fitted with single door bodywork, the remaining was fitted with dual-door bodyworks together with standees provided. The first 5 Scania K320IB4x2NB entered school shuttle service since 30 Mar., 2020 and a further order of 4 units was made to replace those school bus serious damaged during social event in Nov., 2019.



The last conventional bus in Hong Kong and CUHK school bus fleet, RP598 was entered service in 2012 and observed serving route 2 on 18 Oct., 2019. Unfortunately it was serious damaged along with other school bus during the social event in Nov., 2019 and was forced to withdraw afterwards.


新巴西隧路線971在開線之初曾是以單層巴士行走,隨後因應地區發展及需求增加,便改作全線雙層巴士服務。二零二零年情人節,971再度出現單層巴士,主角是亞歷山大Enviro200MMC (2502/VD7479),背後原因是應對「2019冠狀病毒」疫情引致客量驟跌,以減低營運成本。

NWFB route 971 once operated with single decker, as the demand changed along with the development of surrounding areas and allocation of double decker was resulted. On 14 Feb., 2020, a Alexander Dennis Enviro200MMC (2502/VD7479) was observed on route 971 as a result of costs reduction under the influence of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia.



Different bus operators are facing difficulties under the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia. To reduce operation costs, not only frequency adjustment was resulted, but also deployed single decker on routes passing through different tunnels become a common sight and ASB2 (NU5921) was an illustration when working on route 904 heading to Lai Chi Kok.



K1 is one of the 9 Airport express feeder services linking Kowloon Station and Hong Kong Station operated by Tai Fung Coach Company, a subsidiary company of Kwoon Chung Group on behalf of MTR. Seen her is Mercedes Benz OC500RF coach fitted with Asia Auto bodywork passing through HR West Kowloon Station.



A full-loaded Scania K230UB (ASB11/NV4580) was seen here passing through Kam Sheung Road Station Bus Terminus heading to Sheung Shui, as a residential development project was carried out at this section of the terminus, the scene would be changed after the project completed.



MAN A22 playing an important role in SMRT fleet since the successful trial made by the demonstrator in 2010. As bus service in Singapore switched to Bus Contracting Model, LTA allocated buses to different operator and SMB3091C was seen here serving on SBS Transit feeder service 805 in Yishun with SMRT corporate livery.



Route NR331 and NR331S were awarded from Ma Wan Rural Committee and PITCL was the operator of these services since 2007. After the contract expired on 14 Dec., 2019, Sun Bus become the new operator since 15 Dec., 2019. PITCL YoungMan HC1387 was seen at Ma Wan after completed the trip from Tsuen Wan West Station.



Both route 73A and 273A terminated at Choi Yuen Estate, Sheung Shui before the implement of North District "Area Approach" Bus Route Reorganization and Dennis Dragon ADS6 (FT144) and ADS216 (JC2553) were observed at Choi Yuen when serving route 273A and 73A respectively. After route reorganisation, route 73A was amended to terminate at Wah Ming, Fanling where is the looping point of route 273A.



MAN NL263 is the first full-sized low floor single decker in NHKB fleet and until today, only 3 Gemilang bodied samples entered service in 2006 left in the fleet. All of them are expected to be retired shortly as the arrival of the brand new Euro 6 version NL323.



HK Airport Services Ltd (HAS) operated a fleet of Zhongtong bus since 2009 as a replacement of the MAN in the fleet. Today, HAS planned to upgrade it fleet by introducing new bus from European manufacturer and the Zhongtong is expected to be fully retired in the near future.


前新巴員工溝通巴士SF15(CD1443)於二零一七年獲得有心人士購買保育下來,經過一段時間復修及驗車後,終於在二零一九年五月,以「特別用途車輛」身份重新登記成WD3519,成為暫時唯一一架擁有有效牌照的本港古典巴士。攝於二零一九年七月二十八日,與城巴889 (KR8155)一同出現由香港巴士會館舉辦的活動上。

Registered as special purpose vehicle (registration number WD3519) in May 2019 was ex-NWFB staff communication bus SF15 (CD1443) which was sold in 2017 and preserved. It is the only classic bus with valid registration in Hong Kong and seen at Tai Po Industrial Estate with City Bus 889 (KR8155) during an event held by Bus Lodge Hong Kong.


繼二零一三年,九巴再次透過亞歷山大丹尼士Enviro400巴士身上,向市民大眾傳遞二零一九年是九巴成立第八十六個年頭外,一併宣傳道路安全的訊息。ATSE46 (RW5136)這天行走271線,從大埔富亨邨開抵高鐵西九龍站。

Year 2019 is the 86th anniversary of KMB and Alexander Dennis Enviro400 (ATSE46/RW5136) was decorated with this allover advertisement not only as celebration but also to promote the Road Safety message to the general public.


二零一九年五月三十一日,嶼巴安排了一架亞歷山大丹尼士Enviro400雙層巴士AD11 (VU4736)從東涌開到昂坪,以測試雙層巴士行走昂坪路線的可能性,在此之前,未曾有雙層巴士行走從石壁到昂坪一帶的羌山道。往後會否有雙層巴士開到昂坪,就要留待時間去証明。

A trial run was arranged on 31 May, 2019 to evaluate the feasibility of double deckers serving along Keung Shan Road from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping. Seen here at Ngong Ping Terminus is a Alexander Dennis Enviro400 (AD11/VU4736), the first ever double deckers seen in this terminus.


城巴自二零一八年第二季開始,陸續接收來自新巴的丹尼士三叉戟矮車身巴士,作為替換需要退役,服務於非專利部的富豪奧林比安。888 (KR6515)前身為新巴的3348,這天以亮麗的城巴標準色彩,執行一個私人租賃任務,來到啟德發展區。

A batch of Dennis Trident 10.3m with Duple Metsec DM5000 low-bridge bodywork was transferred from NWFB to City Bus as replacement of the aging Volvo Olympian in non-franchised sector since the second quarter of 2018. Seen here is 888 (KR6515, former 3348 in NWFB) at Kai Tak Development Area during a private hire duty.


九巴於二零一七年將包括二十六架配MCV車身的富豪B7RLE在內,合共四十五架符合歐盟四型或以上排放標準的巴士,撥入九巴訓練學校,取代原有的訓練巴士。車身內側披上招聘車長廣告的AVC20 (PG8529),是其中一架被改作訓練巴士的B7RLE,正於沙田區內執行訓練車長的任務。

Total 45 Euro 4 or Euro 5 buses including a batch of 26 Volvo B7RLE bodied by MCV were converted as driver trainer in 2017 and seen in Sha Tin is AVC20 (PG8529) which decorated with a driver recruitment advertisement on the nearside.


愉景灣交通剛於二零一八年完成車隊更新工作,合共十二架猛獅NL323加入愉景灣車隊,接替早年的猛獅A84及NL263,提升服務質素。在十二架新車中,有兩架屬歐盟六型標準型號,為車隊中首批達相關排放標準新車,DBAY198 (VV2879)屬最新的一架新車,正於愉景北商場等候下一個開往欣澳站車程。

DBTSL just completed a fleet renewal programme in 2018 with 12 MAN Nl323 bodied by Gemilang introduced to replace the aging A84 and NL263. Two of the batch was complied with Euro 6 standard and they were the first Euro 6 bus in the fleet. Seen here awaiting next duty to Sunny Bay Station is DBAY198 (VV2879), the latest NL323 in the fleet.



NLB deployed two Alexander Dennis Enviro400 on route 3M sine 19 Jan., 2019 and this was the first double decker serving the Southern Lantau after the Leyland Victory Mk2. The single decker on route 3M is expected to be gradually replaced with the Enviro400 to cope with the demand brought by the Home Ownership Scheme project in Mui Wo.



After the introduction of the Dennis Trident 10.6m, KMB acquired a batch of 49 Baby Super Olympian from Volvo in 2000 with ALX500 bodywork supplied from Walter Alexander. After almost 18 years, it is near the end of their useful service life and soon to be retired from the fleet in early 2019.


嶼巴向亞歷山大丹尼士訂購之十四架Enviro400雙層巴士,已經於二零一八年年中悉數付運抵港。AD01 (BM3218)在投入行走由東涌市中心開往梅窩碼頭3M路線之前,先行開到港珠澳大橋香港口岸,支援開往機場客運大樓的B4路線。

NLB received 14 Enviro400 from Alexander Dennis since the mid. of 2018. Before started it duties on route 3M, AD01 (BM3218) was seen here at the HKZM Bridge HK Port supporting the route B4 heading to the Passenger Terminal Building of the Airport.


因應道路環境及客量需要,愉景灣交通服務有限公司車隊仍有營運一定數目的中型及小型巴士,用作行走區內路線以便接載居民穿梭社區每一角落。行走9A線的DBAY110 (NR9546)是一架於二零零九年投入服務,配順豐車身的猛獅12.240中型低地台巴士。

To suit the road conditions and the demand, Discovery Bay Transit Services Limited operated a batch of midibuses for internal service within the community. DBAY110 (NR9546) is a MAN 12.240 midibus introduced in 2009 with Gemilang bodywork and seen here working on route 9A.



Dennis Dart survived in Transmac is the only European bus model in Macau public bus market at present and only left with the 11.3m variant as a result of aging and was serious damaged during the typhoon Hato in 2017. D40 (MK7691) seen working on route 32 towards Torre de Macau and was repainted with the latest Transmac livery.


九巴自二零一七年年七月底開始陸續將比亞迪K9R電動巴士,投放於5C,6C,35A,42A及603路線上營運測試,經過一年多測試後,有關方面發現巴士未能滿足營運需要,因此決定將巴士於二零一八年九月二十八日開始,重新調配至7M,11D,43M及203C路線替換原有之柴油巴士,服務乘客及進行測試。BDE8 (UW7982)攝於首日行走603路線,從藍田平田邨開抵中環碼頭。

KMB started to evaluate the BYD K9R electric bus on route 5C, 6C, 35A, 42A and 603 since the end of Jul., 2017. After trial for a year, the BYD proved that cannot meet the operation need on these routes and relocated to route 7M,11D, 43M and 203C for further trial since 28 Sep., 2018. Seen here outside Central Ferry Concourse is BDE8 (UW7982), just finished it journey from Ping Tin Estate, Lam Tin during the first day service on route 603.



Not only the first operator of MAN NL262, but also the last operator of this German-made full-sized single decker in Hong Kong, City Bus is going to withdraw the only two samples in non-franchised sector to tie with the fleet renewal schedule started from the third quarter of 2018. 1546(HU6297) is seen here turning into Tamar Street when working on route 88R.



Instead of testing the BYD full electric bus, KMB also acquired a total of 8 YoungMan Supercapacitor Bus and the first was delivered in 2015. The revenue evaluation was not start until 29 Mar., 2017 with first two deployed on Sha Tin internal circular route 284. Until the end of Jul., 2018, there were still 2 Supercapacitor Bus awaiting registration and the date that testing started on route 5M serving Kai Tak Development Area is still unknown.



A NLB MAN A91 (MN84/PS9943) is seen approaching Mui Wo Ferry Terminus when working on route 3M. To cope with the demand brought by Ngan Ho Court and Ngan Wai Court, NLB introduced a batch of 14 Alexander Dennis Enviro400 double deckers after road test and the scene of a single decker serving route 3M will soon be changed.



Heading to the Peak near the junction of Barker Road and Peak Road is NWFB Alexander Dennis Enviro400 3839(UW2835), the role used to play in NWFB fleet was gradually taken by the brand new Enviro400 since 2017.



Different Wuzhoulong buses from Shenzhen once played a significant role in TCM fleet before the introduction of Yutong in 2014. The latest model in TCM introduced from Wuzhoulong at present is the FDG6951G midibuses in 2013 and MR8224 was seen here when working on route 2.



Different operators in Hong Kong introduced electric bus for trial under sponsorship from HKSA Government. All of them were came from Mainland China and BYD shared the largest sector. LWB SE102(UU7492) seen here working on route S64 and featured with bodied by Gemilang instead of BYD.



It is believed CUHK acquired a batch of new school bus from MAN bodied by a Malaysian bodybuilder for fleet renewal purpose. NE2472 is the last Isuzu with Jit Luen bodywork in CUHK and entered service in 2008, was observed on route 1A linking the University Station and main campus of CUHK. Once the commission of the brand new MAN school bus, the scene of Jit Luen bodied Isuzu will become part of history.



DBAY86(KP8761), a MAN 12.220, is seen here at DB North with full load from Discovery Bay Ferry Pier when working on free shuttle route FS. Total 2 MAN 12.220 midibus were acquired in 2002 for the Shopper' Bus and when the service ceased operation in 2004, the MAN12.220 mainly assigned on routes running within the community due to their low carrying capacity.



As to cater the high demand of route 38, NLB introduced it first German made bus model, MAN NL263. MAN NL263 also is the first full-size super low floor single decker in NLB and to be an important step for NLB standardize it fleet to MAN product. MN9 is the latest MAN NL263 with a special registration number BM3218 and seen here just arriving Tung Chung Railway Station. The MAN NL263 is gradually withdrawn from NLB and replaced by the brand new MAN A95 double-decker.


隨著昔日車型限制被陸續解除後,往返西貢及恆安的99用車亦由昔日只派短車陣巴士行走,漸漸改為使用十二米長的巴士服務乘客。二零一七年十一月二十九日,ATS47(JN4092)正與一架Enviro500 (ATE194/LP489)一同於西貢巴士總站,行走99號線。

More and more 12m bus serving route 99 running between Sai Kung and Heng On after the change of bus types deploying policy. A Dennis Trident 10.6m (ATS47/JN4092) was seen here together with a Enviro500 (ATE194/LP489) awaiting their next duty heading to Heng On at Sai Kung Bus Terminus.


全數新巴亞歷山大丹尼士Enviro200MMC已經於二零一七年十二月投入服務,成為新巴車隊中的首款符合歐六排放標準車型,首架新車2501(VD1333)正從紅棉路開往中半山旭龢道。同款新車據知得到珀麗灣客運垂青,用作替換其車隊中的Super Pointer Dart。

All NWFB Alexander Dennis Enviro200MMC were entering service in Dec., 2017 and this is the first Euro 6 model in the fleet. The first of the class (2501/VD1333) seen here heading to Kotewall Road at Cotton Tree Drive. It is believed that further Enviro200MMC would join Park Island Transport as a replacement for the Super Pointer Dart.


在全新的亞歷山大丹尼士Enviro400投入服務將近一年之後,新巴的丹尼士三叉戟十點三米亦開始逐步從車隊中退役。3308(JJ4019)屬於首批二十架,由英國Northern Counties完成車身裝嵌的矮車身三叉戟之一,於二零一七年十二月十六日行走13號線,返抵中環大會堂總站,距離退出車隊時間尚有差不多一個月。

Finally the Dennis Trident 10.3m in NWFB fleet started to withdraw since the end of 2017, almost a year after the commissioned of the Alexander Dennis Enviro400. Expected to be retired in late Jan., 2018 is 3308(JJ4019), belonged to the first batch of 20 Trident with low-bridged bodywork completed by Northern Counties in UK, seen here arriving the City Hall Terminus when working route 13.



A Yutong ZK6128HG1 full-sized super low-floor single decker was delivered to KMB for evaluation in 2014 and this is the second China made bus in KMB used on revenue service. This prototype AYT1(TB3420) was first arranged on route 70K serving the Northern New Territories and then moved to route 72A, running between Tai Po Industrial Estate and Tai Wai Station, before returned to the dealer in Feb., 2016.



NLB route 37H was commissioned in Sep., 2015 to provide better linkage between North Lantau Hospital and a batch of Mitsubishi Rosa minibus was acquired for this service. Full-sized single decker and specific departures operated by super low floor bus was introduced on route 37H afterwards and at present, MAN RC2, specially acquired for running in Southern Lantau, is the backbone of route 37H.


攝於2015年巴士大集會,由左至右,分別是九巴保留的亞比安EVK55CL型(L308/BM248),城巴於一九八九年從英國購入的A.E.C Routemaster (1/HK1931),以及由香港巴士迷會保留的中巴丹尼士喝采型(DS1/CD2198)。隨著城巴1號車於同年年底退役及出售到一間私人公司手上,相信此情此景將再難以出現。

A scene that would not be seen again: Taken in Hong Kong Bus Rally 2015, a Albion EVK55CL (L308/BM248) preserved by KMB, City Bus No.1 (HK1931), a A.E.C Routemaster purchased from UK in 1989 and the CMB Jubilant DS1 (CD2198) preserved by HKTS. The Routemaster was retired and sold to a private enterprise in the end of 2015.



KMB acquired total of 70 Volvo B7RLE full-sized single decker between 2010 and 2012 and proposed to deploy on route with low demand. However, after a series of routes rationalization and the objections form different districts, surplus of single decker resulted and finally a batch of B7RLE included AVC31(PH8276) was converted to training bus during 2017.



The standard KMB air conditioned bus livery, allover white, red stripe with grey skirt become part of history followed by the last Baby Dragon retired on 6 Jul., 2017. Taken in Mar., 2017 is ADS221(JC3341) heading to Kowloon Railway Station passing outside Ho Man Tin Station.



The pair of GDEV electric bus acquired by DBTSL was entered service in 2014, however, they were forced to put off from service because of mechanical failure. One of the GDEV, DBAY116(TA3408) was entered service again in Apr., 2017 and mainly serving route internal shuttle service 9A.



Once to be one of the important terminus in Yuen Long, Yuen Long (East) Terminus, was closed on 28 May, 2017 to cope with a residential development project. Besides as the terminus of KMB route 53 and MTR Bus route K65, the terminus mainly serve for bus parking place and seen here a pair of YoungMan belonged to NLB, were awaiting their duties on route B2.



Higer successfully supplied 40 KLQ6115CQ to Transmac of Macau in 2016. This batch of new bus featured with 3 doorways to facilitate the flow of passengers and the boarding time. Instead of route 5 and 51A, route 9A is another route served with KLQ6115GQ and seen at the Parca Ferrira Amaral Interchange is H32(MW4846). There are 10 more 3 doorways bus joined Transmac in 2017 but this time is from Yutong.


繼二零一六年購入一架亞歷山大丹尼士飛鏢E200後,珀麗灣再於二零一七年引進多四架同型新車,作為替代車隊中的丹尼士Super Pointer Dart。LL5808是首兩架於三月下旬投入服務的新車之一,正於沙灘廣場站接載乘客前往葵芳

After the sole example of Alexander Dennis Enviro200Dart joined Park Island Transport Co. Ltd. in 2016, a further batch of 4 Enviro200Dart was introduced in 2017 and took the place of the Super Pointer Dart. Seen here at Beach Commercial Complex stop heading to Kwai Fong is LL5808, one of the two samples entered service in the end of Mar., 2017.



Just arrived at Lok Ma Chau from Huanggang Port is this brand new MAN NL323 of NHKB bodied by Gemilang from Malaysia. 27(UH4167) is the second new bus of the batch of 5 NL323 acquired in 2016 as replacement of the aging Volvo B7RLE entered service in 2003.



The Alexander Dennis Enviro400 ordered by NWS Transport in 2015, as a replacement of the Trident 10.3m serving in NWFB, was started to deliver in early Nov., 2015 and the first 4 of the fleet, entered service in the evening of 28 Dec., 2015. However, the Enviro400 not yet serve on route 9, 14 and 15-series which mainly served by the Trident until the end of Jan., 2017.



With the aid of the budget offered by the HKSAR Government, different franchised bus operators in Hong Kong tendered for hybrid or electric buses for trial and testing on different revenue services were started in 2014. Instead of the pair of hybrid double decker from Alexander Dennis, City Bus also operated 3 BYD K9R electric buses and tested on route 11, 12 and 25A respectively.



CUHK took delivery of it first MAN RR2 school bus fitted with China Kong dual door bodywork, completed by Foshan Feichi at it newly established assembly plant at Yunfu, Guangdong in Dec., 2016. MAN RR2 school bus featured with a Euro 5 emission standard engine with a fully automatic transmission which first seen in CUHK school bus fleet. A further two MAN RR2 is expected to be delivered in early 2017.



Alexander Dennis Enviro400 working on route 64K become more common as a result of the withdrawal of Dennis Dragon and Trident, seen here outside the Kadoorie Farm is ATSE37(RV8768) heading to Yuen Long (West).



The arrival of the first NWFB ADL Enviro400 indicated the Dennis Trident 10.3m in the fleet will be gradually retired very soon. They are the mainstream of the 15-series routes to and from The Peak and taken at The Peak bus terminus (the temperature only 0 Degree Celsius at that moment), showing 3 Trident 10.3m (the first of the fleet included) awaiting their next departure to Central.



The MAN NL Series full-sized single decker once was the mainstream in DBTSL fleet. Different combinations of the model and bodywork ranged from NL262, to the latest model NL323 can be seen within Discovery Bay. The role played by full-sized single decker in DBTSL was gradually taken over by the new double decker introduced and seen at the Sunny Bay is a MAN NL263 (DBAY82/MX9052) bodied by Gemilang new in 2007.



There are no more Dennis Dart serving on KMB revenue service since Sep., 2016 and total 70 Dennis Dart were introduced since the first demonstrator delivered in 1990. AA66(HV6963) belonged to the very last batch of Dart acquired from NWFB in 2003 and still active in the Eastern Kowloon serving route 211 plying between Tsui Chuk Garden and Wong Tai Sin Railway Station.



KMB long haul service route 53 operating between Yuen Long and Tsuen Wan is less popular than other direct services connecting both districts as it passing through Hung Shui Kiu and Tuen Mun. However, route 53 still attract tourists during holidays as it serving Golden Coast and several beaches along Castle Peak Road and instead of Enviro200, it is also a common sight for a Enviro400 running on this route in such occasion.



Since 2004, NWFB Dennis Trident 10.6m (1657/JF8429) was decorated with different allover advertisement to promote Dragon Centre (a shopping mall located at Sham Shui Po) and spend most of it service time on Eastern District route 8. The advertisement of 1657 was replaced by standard NWFB livery in the form of vinyls in Jul., 2016, just shortly before it retirement.



The number of step-entranced bus in KMB fleet is decreasing and after Sep., 2016, only 50 Dennis Baby Dragon left and the very last one is ADS235(JD4215), registered in Jul., 1999.



Seen on 27 Jun., 2015, is the sole CMB Volvo B6LE heading to North Point Government Offices with full load of passengers passing through Java Road, North Point. The only non-franchised service operated by CMB was ceased since 1 Jul., 2015 and indicated CMB fully quit from Hong Kong bus market.


九巴Scania K230UB單層巴士已經在車隊中服役了七個年頭,隨著營運環境改變,九巴已經打算出售車隊中部份單層巴士,當中包括K230UB,ASB8(NV3632)正見於行走77K路線,途經錦上路鐵路站開往元朗。

Heading to Yuen Long outside Kam Sheung Road Railway Station is ASB8(NV3632) working on route 77K, one of the Scania K230UB purchased by KMB in 2009. KMB intended to abandon some single deckers in the fleet including the Scania to cope with the change of the operation environment.



As a replacement of the aging Dennis Dart in the fleet, NWFB acquired total 8 JNP6120GR full-sized single decker from YoungMan of China, the first China made bus in the fleet. After the full retirement of the Dart, remaining single decker in NWFB including the YoungMan and BYD, another China bus manufacturer.



A batch of MAN single and double deckers introduced to NLB in 2015 and a batch of 4 19.230(RC2) with Gemilang bodywork was included. NLB intended to provide comprehensive bus service to people in need by deploying the MAN 19.320 on the Southern Lantau routes, however, they are now mainly serving routes in Tung Chung as other low floor buses in the fleet. Awaiting it next departure at Tai O Terminus to Tung Chung with a MAN 18.310(A51) is MN93(TT583).



The only non-mainland bus model in TCM franchised fleet now is Liesse minibus acquired from Hino. The survived fleet entered service between 2003 and 2004 and already reached the end of their useful service life. In 2016, TCM ordered new minibus from another Japanese manufacturer, Mitsubishi, with their dual-door version Rosa and at present, Hino Liesse mainly serving commuters during rush hours and supporting the Wuzhoulong minibus.



After 10 years service on Cityflyer networks, the MAN NL262 carried out modification works for the opening of route A10 is going to retire from revenue service and replaced by brand new double decker coach. Here is 1569(JL8007) at Wah Fu Estate heading to Airport and after their full retirement, no more German made buses in the franchised sector of City Bus.



It will be more convenient for residents in Ho Man Tin after the commission of MTR Kwun Tong Line Extension in the end of 2016. To cope with the operation of the MTR extension, adjustment for both bus and maxicab service will be implemented including the reduction in route 18 frequency as less demand is expected.


貴為城巴中的老大哥,別號「Auntie Nora」的A.E.C Routemaster(1/HK1931),在香港服務二十六個寒暑之後,受制於政府商用車相關環保條例所限,自二零一五年十月底退役,未能繼續於路面上行走,接載遊客觀光,圖片攝於二零一五年十月二十五日,距離它的退役日子只有三天。

Taken just before 3 days of it retirement, after serving Hong Kong 25 years, "Auntie Nora" (a A.E.C Routemaster) was seen passing through Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. "Auntie Nora" was forced to retire in Oct., 2015 as a result of a stricter commercial vehicles emission policy imposed by the government.



One of the mainstream during early stage of NWFB operation is the Dennis Dart SLF 10.1m and total 34 units were acquired. As they are aging and low carrying capacity, the remaining Dart will be retired within 2016.



MTR Bus strengthened the service between Hung Fuk Estate in Hung Shui Kiu and Tin Shui Wai Station to cope with the development of the district. Rush hours service K75S was introduced and as route K75, usually served with Alexander Dennis Enviro200Dart.



Seen here just arriving at Tai O is MN52(MD9068) serving on route 11 from Tung Chung, this is a MAN 18.310 with Asia Auto bodywork. The MAN gradually took over the role played by Isuzu in NLB since 2007 and it is a common scene for observing a MAN around the Lantau Island.



MAN NL262 was once the mainstream of City Bus route 41A, operated between Wah Fu (Central) and North Point Ferry. It was a rare scene for observing a double-decker serving the route until the withdrawal of NL262 and nowadays, it is a common sight for Alexander Dennis Enviro400 deployed on 41A together with a YoungMan single decker.



Working on route 4 heading to Fai Chi Kei is D14(MK4513), a Dennis Dart SLF 10m introduced by Transmac in 2004. There is total of 50 Dennis Dart once in Transmac fleet with the first 10 is Plaxton Pointer step-entranced sample and commissioned in 1995, while the remaining are SLF version with two length variants : 10m and 11m and delivered in 2004. The Dart SLF was completed their MCV bodywork by Soon Chow in Singapore.



After taken over Reolian network since 1 Jul ., 2014, New Era immediately tendered a batch of 35 buses. Yutong from Zhengzhou, China successfully gained the order and 25 ZK6128HGEs were included. Seen here at Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro is 5018(MT7915) working on route 3 towards Jetfoil.



Total 60 Dennis Trident 10.3m (3-axle version) with low-bridge bodyworks from Duple Metsec was built as requested by NWFB for operating routes serving the Peak and Stanley. The 10.3m Trident is the most flexible bus model in the fleet and it is time for looking their successor after 16 years of their service.



The patronage of route 85B getting worse as a result of the change of population together with a better public transport networks today. To reduce the operating costs, KMB once proposed to convert route 85B into single decker operation and even only operated within peak hours only. ADS219(JC3075) just started it journey from Chun Shek to Kowloon City in contrast to the Dennis Trident 12m and Volvo Olympian 11m deployed on route 85B.


單層巴士自二零零九年開始再度得到九巴垂青,Scania及富豪先後向九巴供應合共一百二十架單層低地台巴士,亦成為了目前九巴單層車隊的主力。於新界北區,很容易發現這些香檳色單層巴士的蹤影,這天在華明巴士總站,就可以看到一架Scania K230UB (ASC1/NV7050)及一架富豪B7RLE(AVC39/PJ9701),分別行走73A及70K路線。

The renaissance of single decker in KMB fleet since 2009 and total 120 single deckers were ordered from Scania and Volvo. It is a common scene for seeing a KMB single decker in the Northern New Territories and a Scania K230UB (ASC1/NV7050) and Volvo B7RLE (AVC39/PJ9701) were observed at Wah Ming Bus Terminus when working on route 73A and 70k respectively.



The fleet of CUHK Shuttle bus was not solely composed of Isuzu non air-conditioned bus after the introduction of the air-conditioned Wuzhoulong electric bus in Mar., 2014. It is expected that a brand new Isuzu air-conditioned school bus bodied by China Kong will join in the new semester of 2015 and the whole fleet will be gradually air-conditioned.



NWFB route 43X, running between Tin Wan and Wan Chai, is the only route in the network can be only deployed with single decker. It was cancelled since 17 May, 2015 as a result of the opening of the West Island Line and the Dart used to serve this route, also gradually withdrawn from the fleet.



City Bus first introduced MAN NL262 full-sized super low floor single decker in 1998 and total 80 units were purchased. At the same time, MAN successfully entered the franchised bus market of Hong Kong through the introduction of NL262. Only less than half of the boom days survived in the fleet at present, MAN NL262 finally reached the end of their useful service life and gradually replaced by the brand new YoungMan from mainland China.



Not only the Volvo Olympian 11m acquired in 1998, those Dennis Trident 10.6m purchased from NWFB between 2004 and 2005 in MTR Bus also withdrawn from the fleet as the delivery of the brand new ADL Enviro500MMC 11.3m. 742(JC5291) is expected to be the fourth Dennis Trident retired while 737, 741 and 743 already withdrawn from the fleet.



The first bus operator introduced MAN NL263 in Hong Kong is NHKB and this is the first full-sized super low floor single decker in the fleet. Total 10 MAN NL263 bodied by Caetano in Portugal were ordered and delivered between 2001 and 2002. In Apr., 2015, only 2 Caetano bodied NL263 still active in service while the other already replaced by the brand new MAN NL323.



Instead of City Bus, Pak Shing Tours also operated Leyland Olympian bi-axle open-top bus. The pair introduced by Pak Shing in 1996 was from Capital Citybus in UK and new in 1989. Before delivered to Hong Kong, they were undergone conversion to open-top and re-fitted with a Euro 1 Cummins engine. At present, they already sold to Goldspark and expected to be retired in Aug ., 2015.



The allover advertisement on ATS12(JJ5602) promoting the Tsing Sha Highway Bus Interchange and the bus is deployed on route 280X, the third whole day service of the Tsing Sha network, after the residents living in Sui Wo Court struggled for years. Route 280X operated between Sui Wo Court, Fo Tan and Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui and is originated from the morning peak service 280P since 24 Jan ., 2015.



KMB route 280P is a morning express service from Sui Wo Court to Tsim Sha Tsui, via Sha Tin Central and Lion Rock Tunnel. The route is going to upgrade to a whole day bidirectional route 8 express service 280X, running between Sui Wo Court and Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (East), in the end of Jan ., 2015. "Bus-Bus Interchange Discount Scheme" between Western Harbour Tunnel route will be available on route 280X too.



The successor of 47A (former CMB route 47) and M5, M47, was operated between Wah Fu and Hong Kong Station. Route M47 finally cancelled on 28 Dec., 2014 to cope with the opening of the West Island Line. YoungMan JNP6105GR was the most common bus type deployed on M47 before the cancellation of the service.


全球首架A.E.C Routemaster於一九五四年面世,是專門為倫敦運輸局設計作當年更新車隊之用,在逾十年的生產期內,合共有2876台Routemaster下線,大多數主要投入倫敦行走,並一直服役常規路線至二零零五年,早已成為一個聞名世界的倫敦標誌。在香港雖然並未曾有全新Routemaster來港服務乘客,但城巴曾先後擁有三架二手Routemaster作出租用途,當中1號車(HK1931/RM1288),今天仍然健康地行走於路面上。

Though there were no Routemaster, an iconic bus model in London well-known all around the world, entered service in Hong Kong when new, total 3 Routemaster operated by City Bus for private hiring since 1989 and at present only No.1 (HK1931/RM1288) left. The first Routemaster was born in 1954 and total 2876 were built over 10 years.



KMB Route 264M, operated between Tin Yan Estate, Tin Shui Wai and Tsing Yi Railway Station, was cancelled on 22 Nov ., 2014 though there were many voices against it. In addition, effective from the same day, route 68E extended to Tsing Yi Railway Station from Pat Heung Road as a replacement. It is a common scene for a single decker like AAU20(PY7740) running on route 264M before it cancellation.



Scheduled on Eastern Harbour Tunnel service 606 is this DB300 demonstrator supplied by VDL. This bus was delivered in Jan., 2014 and registered until the end of Sep., 2014. The MCV double decker bodywork also first appeared in Hong Kong.



Joined CMB in 2001 is this Volvo B6LE bodied by Jit Luen, new to City Bus in 1998 as 1355(HV6755). At present, this sole CMB low floor bus in CMB fleet is also the only B6LE survived in Hong Kong.



Two Wuzhoulong FDG6102EVG joined CUHK in Mar., 2014 and made their maiden trip since 5 Mar., 2014. However, as their performance considered as unsatisfactory, they were sent back to dealer for carrying improvement works. In early Sep., 2014, this pair of Wuzhoulong sent back to CUHK for road tests and finally returned to service on 8 Sep., 2014, the Mid-Autumn Festival.



Observed at Tai Tong , Yuen Long on 14/8/3 is 1483 (EX4327), one of the two Dennis Dart, new to CMB in 1991, bodied by Carlyle in City Bus and they are the most senior in the Dart family serving commuters in Hong Kong. This pair of Dart mainly used on private hiring duty and seldom serving the residential service of City One Shatin.



TCM bus route 12 serving between Jetfoil and P.Serenidade, entered service in Dec., 1985, is the first route of TCM serving Macau Peninsula. Route 12 used to serve with Wuzhoulong FDG6920BG as shown in the photo together with Hino HR1JKEE low floor bus before the new mode of bus service started operation in Aug., 2011. At present, Wuzhoulong still the mainstream of route 12, however, the model is Euro 5 version FDG6951G.



On 25 Jun., 2014, this is the last day of the last 3 Dennis Baby Dragon with 3+2 seating arrangement serving passengers, KMB arranged a farewell ceremony at Kowloon Tong Station and ADS145(GV6074) is prepared it last trip on route 80M, as a part of the event, towards Sui Wo Court and meet this Alexander Dennis Enviro400, ATSE36(RW5136).



The last Scania K230UB 10.6m in KMB (ASB20/NV8110), decorated with an allover advertisement of a houseware store targeting resident in Tak Long Estate, turning out from Kai Yip Bus Terminus heading to Mong Kok when serving route 24. At the end of May, 2014, to cater the demand after serving the Kai Tak Development Area, KMB converted route 24 back into full double decker service again since single decker introduced to the route in 2009.



4961 as an exhibit again at City Gallery during the Thematic Exhibition “City Impression@Connectivity ‘From Point to Point’”. 4961 is a Daimler CVG5 introduced by KMB in 1949 and it is the first double decker operated in Hong Kong and indicated the started of the double decker era in Hong Kong.



Retired in May 2014 is this Dennis Dart SLF (AA49/GU719), not only the first in the fleet but also first in Hong Kong, after 18 years of it useful service life. Total 12 Dennis Dart SLFs were introduced between 1996 and 1997 and 6 of them were sold to Park Island Transport Co. Ltd. in 2002 while the remaining still actively serving with KMB.


珀麗灣客運於二零一四年向猛獅購入一架配馬來西亞順豐Lion's City Hybrid車身的NL323大型單層低地台巴士,是繼提供落馬洲過境穿梭巴士服務的新香港巴士之後,本港另一家購入同一配搭的巴士營運商。目前這架新車未有任何車隊編號,而車牌號碼HA9428則是繼承自被取代的丹尼士飛鏢低地台巴士。

HA9428 is a MAN NL323 with Gemilang Lion's City Hybrid bodywork acquired by Park Island Transport Co. Ltd. in 2014. There is no any fleet no. on it at this moment and the registration no. was come from a Dennis Dart SLF being replaced. Moreover, NHKB running the boarder service between Lok Ma Chau also operating a fleet of NL323 with the same bodywork.



KMB introduced 5 demonstrators powered by Euro 3 emission standard engine from different manufactuers in 2001 and promoted as "Green Bus" with special livery painted. Dennis Trident ATS96(KF6694) is one of them and seen here on route 8A, after repainted withe standard Champagne gold livery in 2011.



DBTSL becomes the third operator of Alexander Dennis Enviro200Dart in Hong Kong, total 5 Enviro200Dart was ordered in 2103 and delivered in Mar., 2014 and entered service just before the Easter Holidays. A pair of Enviro200Dart, DBAY36(SP9663) and DBAY27(SP8992) were observed at Sunny Bay Station supporting route DB03R on a Sunny Easter Holiday.


愉景灣交通服務有限公司於一九九九年向丹尼士購入兩架九點三米低地台飛鏢,配用當時流行的Plaxton Pointer 2型車身。打從這兩架飛鏢巴士加入車隊後,並未再有英國產品獲得愉景灣垂青,直到二零一三年向亞歷山大丹尼士訂購五架飛鏢E200巴士。於愉景北商場接載乘客的DBAY27(JB7391),已經於二零一四年四月九日退役。

Retired on 9 Apr., 2014, DBAY27(JB7391) is a Dennis Dart SLF with Plaxton Pointer 2 bodywork acquired by DBTSL in 1999.It was already a long time for UK product joined DBTSL until 5 Alexander Dennis Enviro200Darts were ordered in 2013 and delivered between Mar. ,and Apr., 2014.



The latest Alexander Dennis Enviro400 in City Bus, 7059(SA9904) working on route 973 and passing outside construction site of West Kowloon Station, terminus of the Express Rail Link. As the South Island Line (East) will be completed in the end of 2015, route 973 will be affected and adjustment of routing and frequency can be expected.



Transmac in Macau showing it loyalty to Mitsubishi Rosa with total 328 units were acquired since 1988 till now. In 1999, the first dual-door version Rosa joined the fleet as requested by Transmac and become the mainstream of the fleet afterwards. It is expected that 42 Euro 5 Rosa will join Transmac within this year, while full of China made buses in the public bus market of Macau.


二零一四年二月十四日除了是十九年一遇的中西情人節交匯日子,亦是九巴第二批引進的丹尼士巨龍九點九米空調巴士開始退役的日子。自一九九三年引進首批丹尼士短龍,直到一九九九年六年間共有二百三十五架同型巴士加入九巴車隊,於當年九巴空調化進程中,有著不能磨滅的汗馬功勞。ADS32 (GS4814)是屬於這個批次第二架投入服務的短龍,於退役前兩個月披上一個屯門樓盤廣告。

ADS32 (GS4814), decorated with an allover advertisement promoting a residential project in Tuen Mun, is the second to be entered service of the second batch of Dennis Dragon 9.9m acquired by KMB in 1996. Total 235 Baby Dragons joined KMB between 1993 and 1999 and after 18 years of service, the second batch Baby Dragon started to retire since 14 Feb., 2014, the day of both Western and Chinese Valentine Day.



Not only the first electric school bus but also the first air conditioned school bus in CUHK, is the Wuzhoulong FDG6102EVG. Total 2 electric bus were acquired under the Pilot Green Transport Fund offered by Environmental Protection Department and delivered to Hong Kong in Nov., 2013.



T6(GC7987, ex-239, the first baby Volvo Olympian in the fleet), taken at Tsuen Wan West Railway Station, is the first Volvo Olympian trainer in City Bus. City Bus not only the first and the only operator in Hong Kong, but also the only operator in the world, acquiring the Baby Olympian form Leyland and Volvo. There were 44 units serving on the road during the boom day and instead the Volvo training bus, only 6 Leyland samples left in the non-franchised sector.



A scene that never can be seen is AAS1 (SE5971) turning into Tai Hang Tung Road from Tai Hang Sai Street when worked on route 2C, cancelled on 18 Jan., 2014, heading to Tsim Sha Tsui. A new route 203C was introduced on the same day, plying between Tai Hang Tung and Tsim Sha Tsui East (Mody Road). combined from 2C and 203.



A Dennis Baby Dragon ADS143(GV1553) seen on serving route 299 at Sai Kung, a route widely welcomed by countryside visitors. Route 299 first served by Toyota Coaster minibus and at present, deployed with air conditioned super low floor double decker. The routing of 299 was amended on 11 Jan., 2014 with omitting the routing in Ma On Shan and renumbered as 299X.



Prepared turning to Salisbury Road from Chatham Road South is KMB Dennis Trident ATS48(JN4225), one of the first batch of the type ordered by KMB in 1999. The first batch of Dennis Trident 10.6m of KMB featured with Duple Metsec bodywork and they are the last bus model with plastic plate destination signs.



Not a usual sight for deploying a single decker on KMB route 70K, serving Wah Ming Estate, Fanling and Ching Ho Estate, Sheung Shui. Route 70K functions as feeder service between the external route and the display on AVC17(PG3045) is the best illustration of this purpose.



Decorated with special livery to celebrate the 80th anniversary of KMB, was an Alexander Dennis Enviro400 ATSE31(RV3531) registered in Jan., 2013 and seen here serving Eastern Cross Harbour route 692. Route 692 was cancelled on 30 Nov., 2013 due to the poor demand for the service..



The first Euro 5 standard public bus in Macau, the Wuzhoulong FDG6951G of TCM, was entered service since May, 2013. The Wuzhoulong FDG6951G is fitted with a Cummins engine and mainly serving route 2, 2A and 12 used to serve by Wuzhoulong FDG6920BG midibus.



CTB YoungMan 1816(RR6147) on route 314 arrived Stanley on 27 Oct., 2013 and met with a Dennis Condor of The Big Bus. This scene will not happen again until the swimming season of 2014 as route 314 only provide service during swimming season since 10 Nov., 2013.



We saw the delivery of all Alexander Dennis Enviro200Dart ordered by KMB in 2012 to be delivered in 2013. AAS2 (SE5580) was noticed on route 203 shortly after it registration in late Aug., 2013 and took the role of the Volvo B7RLE. Route 203 would be merged with route 2C, also terminated at Yau Yat Tsuen, in the near future.


由康文署及九巴聯合主辦,於香港歷史博物館舉辦的「伴你同行 香港巴士故事」展覽於二零一三年九月二十五日至十一月十一日開放予公眾參觀,而於覽首三星期,九巴安排旗下古典車隊中的丹拿A型(4961)及亞比安55型(BM248)於會場外展出,好讓公眾近距離接觸兩架古典巴士。圖中所見一架屬城巴的亞歷山大丹尼士Enviro400雙層空調巴士駛經會場外,跟兩架古典巴士構成強烈對比。

KMB exhibited the preserved Daimler A (4961) and Albion EVK55CL (BM248) outside Hong Kong Museum of History from 25 Sep., to 14 Oct., 2013 as part of "Journey with You - Hong Kong Bus Story". This exhibition jointly held by KMB and Leisure and Cultural Services Department between 25 Sep. and 11 Nov., 2013. Besides this pair of classic bus, a modern City Bus Alexander Dennis Enviro400 was seen passing outside the venue.



The first BYD K9D was put on revenue service for trial since 9 Sep., 2013 after almost 4 months testing on staff shuttle between KMB Lai Chi Kok Depot. The "ebus" is now arranged on route 2 during weekdays peak hours with 5 journeys per day between So Uk and Star Ferry.


海格巴士是目前澳門新福利車隊的重要組成部份,現役不同長度及配置的海格巴士超過二百架,當中以二零一一年八月因應新的巴士營運模式購入的KLQ6108GQ30 A/T佔最多數,合共一百二十八架,同時成為新福利成立以來,單一購買巴士數量之冠。新福利向海格訂購的三十架歐四版本KLQ6108GQ30 A/T,亦於二零一三年七月開始陸續投入服務。

The role of Mitsubishi Rosa played in Transmac, Macau, already replaced by Higer and more than 200 units with different specification and length served in the fleet. Among different version of Higer Bus, KLQ6108GQ30 A/T is the largest branch in the family with 128 units introduced as a result of the new bus operation mode started in Aug., 2011. A further 30 KLQ6108GQ30 A/Ts were commissioned since Jul., 2013 and featured with Euro 4 engine fitted.



The North District’s Enhanced Bus Network Phase 2 was carried out on 24 Aug., 2013 and routing of several bus routes was changed. 77K was one of the route with routing shortened from Cheung Wah and Yuen Long (West) to Sheung Shui and Yuen Long (Fung Cheung Road). ATS113 was noticed at Fung Cheung Road Terminus on 24 Aug., 2013. Fung Cheung Road Terminus used to be a terminus for several KMB routes more than 20 years ago.


轉眼間,港鐵巴士的富豪B10M已經退役了八個月,自從B10M退役之後,本港專利巴士車隊再沒有任何中置引擎設計巴士存在。另外,隨著港鐵中的丹尼士飛鏢及富豪B10M退役,在香港以Northern Counties作品牌的巴士車身,目前只剩下九巴丹尼士飛鏢AA48。

It was already 8 months after the withdrawal of MTR Bus Volvo B10M and no more mid-engined bus in the franchised fleet in Hong Kong. To go one step further, the only bodywork badged as Northern Counties left in Hong Kong at present, is AA48 of KMB.


為配合啟德發展區人口增長,九巴於二零一三年七月三十一日除開辦新線5M往返德朗邨及九龍灣鐵路站,亦安排5D及24號線改路途經新區。這個最後一架配Northen Counties車身的丹尼士飛鏢AA48(GS9019),服務24線途經啟業邨外一段觀塘道往旺角的情景,已經成為一個歷史定鏡。

The last Dennis Dart with Northern Counties bodywork in KMB, AA48(GS9019), was seen here passing through Kwun Tong Road outside Kai Yip Estate towards Mong Kok on 28 Jul., 2013. Effective from 31 Jul., 2013, route 5D and 24 were diverted to Kai Tak Development Area, to cater the grow of the population there together with a new route 5M introduced. This scene already walked into history and cannot be seen anymore.



Route 282 is one of the feeder service in Sha Tin operated by KMB and commissioned in early 1990s. At the early stage of service, 282 only provided service in non-peak hours during weekdays and extended service hours to whole day service daily afterwards. ATSE46(RW5136) is a Alexander Dennis Enviro400 registered in Jan., 2013 and was scheduled 282 since Mar., 2013.



Effective from 14 Jul., 2013, Island route 23A, 25C and 529 were cancelled as a result of routes rationalization imposed by Transport Department. The cancellation of 25C was the most controversial as it affected the most to and from Braemar Hill. The background of 25C was a replacement of CMB route 11A and 25M when City Bus took over 14 routes from CMB in 1998. There was also a route 25A commenced on the same day with anti-clockwise routing against 25C with clockwise routing.


Hello Kitty作為其中一個受歡迎的卡通人物,自然成為不少品牌的合作對象。除了台灣長榮航空曾經利用Hello Kitty作為宣傳媒介,並用於巴士車身廣告上外,另一時裝品牌Catalog亦與Hello Kitty合作推出新產品,同時利用一架九巴富豪B7RLE車身作宣傳媒介。

Instead of EVA Air from Taiwan using Hello Kitty to promote their service and use bus body as promotion channel, Catalog, a well-known fashion brand, also joint with this popular cartoon character to launch a series of product. A KMB Volvo B7RLE was decorated with this attractive advertisement for promotional purpose.



China Life Insurance (Overseas) Co., Ltd. released "BUS-BODY" advertisement regularly as promotion channel since early 2010. ATS9(JJ5174), Dennis Trident under Sha Tin Depot of KMB, was one of the buses carried the China Life Insurance advertisement since 2010 and showing the latest advertisement released in the end of May, 2013.



Dennis Trident is the mainstream of NWFB fleet and about 120 were bodied by Duple Metsec. 3601(JT480) was the sole Trident 10.6m with bodywork supplied by Duple Metsec and in contrast with other 10.6m Trident bodied by Walter Alexander in the fleet.



The demand of route 82K still relatively low though the routing already shortened from Fo Tan to Wong Nai Tau. To utilize the resource, KMB suggested route 82K changed into a new circular route 82A, linking Mei Tin and Sun Tin Wai in the route development plan 2013 - 14. However, as there was objection from district councilor of Sun Tin Wai that they need bus service to and from Prince of Wales Hospital, the above route amendment cannot be implemented and the service of 82K would be eventually replaced by minibus.



The service hours of route 268B was amended on 19 May, 2013. Both directions whole day service only available on public holidays while single direction service during morning and evening peak hours on weekdays. At the same time, KMB lauched another new service 68E linking Yuen Long Park and Pat Heung Road, Tai Lam Tunnel Bus Interchange.



Two Mitsubishi Rosa new for Kwoon Chung in 2009 were transferred to NLB in Sep., 2012. This pair of minibus was a replacement for another two Mitsubishi Rosas acquired from Kwoon Chung in 2005. Usually the Rosa was deployed on route 34 and 36.



First in KMB, the BYD K9D electric bus is now testing on the staff shuttle between Lai Chi Kok Depot and Yuet Lun Street since 2 May, 2013. Though commuters cannot enjoy a ride on this electric bus, it still a good chance showing to the general public about introduction of electric bus by KMB.


二零一三年三月二十四日出現近年罕有現象,同一天有數個路線改動進行,當中九巴272A路線為全新路線,連接大學鐵路站及白石角,使用一架Scania K230UB十二米巴士行走。由於白石角附近地盤早上對272A需求較預期大,早上八時至九時的班次已經加密至二十分鐘一班。

KMB route 272A was launched on 24 Mar., 2013 together with other routes rationalization carried out on the same day. The route operated with a Scania K230UB and serving University Railway Station and Pak Shek Kok. The frequency between 8am and 9am was increased from 30 minutes to 20 minutes to cater the demand of the construction site workers around Pak Shek Kok.


為配合接辦原有中巴路線,新巴於一九九八年向丹尼士購入四十二架十點七米版飛鏢低地台巴士,並配上全新的Plaxton Pointer 2型車身。後來受到車隊配額限制,部份飛鏢於二零零一年被轉售至英國,而於二零零三年,更有十架丹尼士飛鏢被轉售至九巴。經過十五年的服務生涯,新巴已經有意替這批單層巴士開國功臣尋找接班人。

NWFB ordered 42 Dennis Dart 10.7m with Plaxton Pointer bodyworks in 1998 for taking over the route networks operated by CMB in 1998. Only 12 samples were left in the fleet in 2013 as the other members were sold backed to UK and KMB in 2001 and 2003 respectively. NWFB is now looking for their successor as they already near 15 years old.



Delivered to NLB between 1992 and 1995, was a batch of total 30 Isuzu MT112L with Jit Luen bodyworks and become the mainstream of the fleet. Taken in Aug., 2005 was ILS72(GJ1258), one of the last few sample left in the fleet, worked on route 3 heading to Tung Chung Old Pier.



After the discommisioned of Mitsubishi MK midibuses, the fleet of midibuses in KMB mainly composed of Dart. The latest member of the Dart family was Alexander Dennis Enviro200Dart and started to registered since Mar., 2011. 20 more Enviro200Darts will be delivered by the mid.of 2013, and featured with single door bodywork.



Though some impacts caused by the Ngong Ping 360, NLB route 23 still is one of the most important route and extra buses from Kwoon Chung, parent company of NLB, need to deploy on the route to satisfy the demand on holidays. A Isuzu ILS129(LB2729) prepared to take passengers from Ngong Ping to Tung Chung, a rare sight at present as not much Isuzu left in the fleet and mainly served alongside Southern Lantau Road.



Soon be a historical scene was ASC6(NW2184) prepared turned into Che Kung Miu Road from Tin Sum Street. As 81M was merged with 88M to form a new route 281M, running between Sun Tin Wai and Kowloon Tong Railway Station, en-route Hin Keng Estate effective from 24, Mar., 2013.



In the past, KMB only can deployed 2-axle conventional buses on routes serving Ho Man Tin Estate due to the restrictions imposed by the access roads. Route 7B, running between Lok Fu Estate and Hung Hom Ferry, was one of the affected route. As the improvement of the road conditions, KMB converted all the routes to fully air-conditioned operation and at present, route 7B mainly served by Baby Volvo Super Olympian.



Taken at the Tai Tam Reservoir Dam was a China made YoungMan JNP6105GR, 1814(RN7820) worked on route 314 heading to Stanley from Siu Sai Wan. Route 314 first served with step-entranced Dennis Dart (Fleet no. 1401 - 1421) and then Volvo B6LE with Alexander ALX200 bodyworks. After all midibuses from UK retired, City Bus started to deploy Volvo B6LE bodied by Jit Luen and then short wheel-based 3-axle double decker until the introduction of YoungMan in Oct., 2012.



Seen on route M47 was 7041(RW7053), a Alexander Dennis Enviro400 ordered by City Bus in 2012, this photo taken on it third day of service. Before the Lunar New Year holiday, two of the batch were registered.



A fleet of Volvo B7RLE bodied by Liannex was operated by Sentosa. Instead of linking different sightseeing point on the island, they were also deployed on the shuttle service between Sentosa and Harbour Front Bus Interchange. PA5286P almost completed it journey heading to Harbour Front. Noted the wording of Sentosa on it bodywork was removed.



The Volvo B6LE of City Bus Operations Department One were retired after all YoungMan JNP6105GR were commissioned before Oct., 2012 and mainly seen on routes serving the Southern District. To go one step further, holiday service 314 running between Chai Wan and Stanley also served by the YoungMan.


作為車廠最成功的產品,丹尼士飛鏢足跡遍佈本港各家巴士公司中,繼港鐵巴士後,九巴最後一批配都普車身的飛鏢亦完成使命,於二零一三年一月中全數退役。除了仍然留在訓練學校的AA8外,九巴車隊中只餘下配Northern Counties車身的AA48是非低地台單層巴士。關於這批由英國Wadham Stringer裝配的飛鏢,其中一個最值得叫人留下印象是,它們成為首批能夠挑戰大帽山的單層空調巴士,在51路線退下來後,擔當此重任由便落在後繼者亞歷山大丹尼士飛鏢E200身上。

It was no doubt that Dennis Dart with Duple Metsec bodyworks (those assembled by Wadham Stringer) worked on route 51 was one of the memorable scene and this was eventually gone when Alexander Dennis Enviro200Dart took the place. After the mid. of Jan., 2013, no more Dennis Dart with Duple Metsec bodyworks serving passengers on the road and instead of the sole Northern Counties sample, all single deckers in KMB fleet were super low floor.



To reduce the operation cost and utilize resources, brand new Alexander Dennis Enviro400 was introduced to Tseung Kwan O cross-harbour route 690 and 692. The operation environment of these two routes was harsh and they were suggested to cease service at the previous route development plan.



NLB was the very first operator to introduce YoungMan of China to Hong Kong with it first order of 9 JNP6122GR1 in 2010. An additional of 10 YoungMan JNP6122GR1 were ordered in 2012 and first half was used as internal transport within the restricted area of the airport. The remaining 5 samples were then delivered in Dec., 2012 and 4 of them were registered on the silent night and soon took the place of MAN NL262 in the fleet.


自開辦以來,276路線除了特別班次外,只會採用三菱MK中型巴士行走,直到二零一一年隨著三菱巴士退役而換入亞歷山大丹尼士飛鏢E200,踏入二零一二年七月,276開始出現十點六米版Scania K230UB輔助E200,而且出現次數愈見頻密。直到二零一二年十二月,當276陸續改派亞歷山大Enviro400雙層巴士,不但Scania K230UB,就連單層巴士亦鮮見出現於276路線。

Mitsubishi MK midibuses was the only bus model suitable for the operation of route 276 since commissioned of the route until 2011. After the withdrawal of MK, Alexander Dennis Enviro200Dart took the place and Scania K230UB 10.6m started to appear on route 276 for supporting the E200 since Jul., 2012. At present, not only the K230UB but also single decker was a rare sight as KMB deployed the Alexander Dennis Enviro400 double decker on this route since Dec., 2012



Two Alexander Dennis Enviro400 of KMB and MTR Bus seen at Ping Ha Road, Ping Shan. Though KCRC Bus Division (the former of MTR Bus) deployed Dennis Trident on route K65 for trial, no more double decker in service passing through this section of Ping Ha Road after the conversion to fully air-conditioned service of KMB route 53. In 2012, MTR Bus and KMB started to arranged their brand new Enviro400 on route K65 and 276 respectively as replacement of the single decker and double decker serving the surroundings commuters again.



Taken at Clementi Temporary Interchange, was a pair of Volvo B10M MK III bodied by Duple Metsec and already retired in Jun., 2012. SBS Transit (former Singapore Bus Service (1978) Ltd.) acquired it first B10M in late 1980s, and basically all generations of Volvo B10M can find in the fleet. This Volvo B10M fleet of SBS Transit also is the largest within the South-east Asia.



City Bus 221(FS6891), a Leyland Olympian 10.4m open-top double decker, seen at The Chinese University Of HK as the sightseeing bus of the CUHK Alumni Homecoming Day 2012. This programme started from 2008 and the first Olympian served on this route was a Leyland Olympian 11m open-top double decker.



The age of European made buses serving Discovery Bay was started by Mercedes Benz O405 in 1995. Total 4 O405 were introduced by DBTSL and bodied by local builder Asia Auto and Hispano from Spain. DBAY73(HV3718) was the last sample to be acquired in 1998 and still serving commuters in 2012.



The latest member of KMB fleet, Alexander Dennis Enviro400 ATSE3(RT3476), seen on route 63X heading to Tin Sam Road, Hung Shui Kiu at Mei Foo. All 50 production unit Enviro400 ordered by KMB in 2011 was started to deliver in Sep., 2012. The most outstanding feature of the bus was the orange coloured LED route display supplied by Hanover, the first in KMB.


港鐵巴士以及其前身九鐵巴士部,是本港擁有最多Northern Counties車身單層巴士的車隊,分別配於富豪B10M及丹尼士飛鏢底盤上。隨著車齡已屆十七年,港鐵巴士以更高載客量的雙層巴士,接替這批單層巴士,在流浮山巴士總站的407(GM4729)及501(GN6128)雙雙已經退役,此情此景永不復見。

A scene already ran into history, retired Volvo B10M 407(GM4729) and Dennis Dart 501(GN5128) at Lau Fau Shan worked on route K65, taken on 16 May, 2012. MTR Bus (and former KCRC Bus Division) had the most single decker fleet bodied by Northern Counties in Hong Kong. To replace this aging fleet, MTR Bus decided to introduce more double decker supplied by Alexander Dennis.



Arrived Stanley from Central was City Bus Alexander Dennis Enviro400 7017(RB1701), the service standard was upgraded after all Enviro400 entered service since the end of 2011. A further 20 Enviro400s were ordered and will be delivered before Mar., 2014.


九巴於二零零三年向新巴購入十架丹尼士飛鏢十點七米低地台巴士,一併將Plaxton Pointer 2型車身帶進九巴車隊。雖然當時低地台巴士已經採用香檳色作車身色彩,但這批飛鏢仍舊採用傳統白色車身色彩。全數十點七米飛鏢主要安排行走211路線,AA66(HV6963)是前新巴2018,這天則被安排行走14C路線。

KMB acquired a batch of 10 Dennis Dart 10.7m SLF with Palxton Pointer 2 bodyworks from NWFB in 2003. Unlike other super low floor double decker, all of them still painted with traditional air-conditioned bus livery which was white in colour. Though this batch of Dennis Dart mainly seen on route 211, AA68(HV6963, ex-NWFB 2018) was seen on route 14C this day.



It was not too difficult to find a MAN single decker in Tung Chung, Lantau Island. Worked on route S52 heading to Aircraft Maintenance Area and route 38 to Tung Chung Railway Station, was a City Bus MAN NL262 and NLB MAN NL263 respectively.



Commissioned in 2002, KS617 was a Jit-Luen bodied Isuzu of CUHK Shuttle Bus. CUHK operated a fleet of conventional Isuzu buses to provide shuttle service between different college within the campus and the University Railway Station.



Reolian not only become the franchised bus operator in Macau started from 1 Aug., 2011, but also the largest bus operator in Macau. Route 10A served by 2006(MP6159) originally operated by TCM, running between Barra and Jetfoil, both terminus are the important base of Reolian nowadays.



MTR Bus upgraded the service standard of route K65, running between Yuen Long (East) and Lau Fau Shan, by introduced the brand new Alexander Dennis Enviro400. Totally 9 Enviro400 were ordered and registered before the end of Sep., 2012 and took the place of the retired Volvo B10M in the fleet.



Total 16 YoungMan JNP6105GR were ordered by City Bus in 2011 and started to deliver in mid. of 2012. The JNP6105GR was the second YoungMan product appeared in HK franchised bus market and they would replace those aging Volvo B6LE with Jit Luen bodyworks. the first (1811/RN819) was first registered on 31 Jul., 2012 and started it service life on route 76 on 15 Aug., 2012. Instead of 76, another route passing Nam Fung Road, 41A operated between Wah Fu and North Point Ferry, also can find the YoungMan JNP6105GR easily.



The feasibility of operation of electric bus in Hong Kong become much clear in Aug., 2012. KMB announced that they will receive one demonstrator running by battery from BYD in the end of 2012 for testing on long haul service. KMB expected that in the early 2014, electric bus together with the supercapacitor bus can serve commuters on 7 routes. In Oct., 2011, BYD send a K9 electric bus from Shenzhen to ECO Expo Asia 2011 and organized a trial ride for general public on 29 Oct., 2011.



Seen together with a preserved Leyland Fleetline at Tai Po during a tour on 29, Jun., 2008, was a Jit-Luen bodied Volvo B6LE, 1349(HN6358) of City Bus. At present, 3 Volvo B6LE were available for private hiring and they were the only low floor bus in the non-franchised market. Instead of being hired, the B6LE also actived in residential service of City One Shatin.


九巴於二零零九年再次購買三十架全新單層巴士,型號為Scania K230UB,並有十點六米及十二米兩個長度版本,並由葡萄牙Caetano提供車身。為配合路線發展及更新車隊需要,再向Scania購入第二批長十二米的Scania K230UB,ASC23(PB6753)屬於這批K230UB新車之一,於二零一零年年初投入服務,行走新界北區邊境路線79K。

A batch of 30 single deckers, Scania K230UB bodied by Caetano in Portugal, were introduced by KMB in 2009. Among 20 of them were 10.6m variants while the balance was 12m version. A further 20 Scania K230UB 12m were then acquired for fleet replacement and entered service between the end of 2009 and early of 2010. ASC23 (PB6753) on route 79K was belonged to the second batch of K230UB and commissioned in 2010.



It will not too far for all Volvo B10M retire from MTR Bus Division as Alexander Dennis started to deliver the order of 18 double decker to MTR Bus made in 2010. A Volvo B10M, 414(GM7189) seen here at Yuen Long (East) waiting for it evening rush hours duties of K65 . K65 was the route served with B10M more than 10 years and we can also see a KMB Volvo Super Olympian (B10TL) at the back.



NWFB acquired a batch of 40 Dennis Trident 10.3m to replace those Damlier/Leyland Fleetline working on route 15, a tourist route operated between Central, Admiralty and The Peak, as a result of restriction imposed by the low headroom of the Mount Kellett Road Bridge. Seen in a shiny afternoon, 3327(JJ5841) was almost reached it terminus in Central Ferry.



China-made buses successfully entered Taiwan bus market as a result of promoting super low floor bus. Seen in HSR Taoyuan Station, a Kinglong KL6120U1 super low floor bus owned by Ubus serving route 705 and awaiting it next trip to Taoyuan Airport.



Seen in Fo Tan Depot, 701 was the first Dennis Dragon in City Bus and was chosen to convert to a double decker air-con trolleybus testing in 2000. The test was carried out at Ocean Park Depot but finally, the idea of introduced double decker air-con trolleybus was not approved.



1565(JL7599) was one of the ten MAN NL262 coach converted by City Bus in Mar., 2006 for the operation of route A10, running between Ap Lei Chau and the Airport. Instead of applying the colour scheme for Cityflyer, the modification works included removal of the centre exit, installation of luggage racks and high-backed coach seats.



Toyota successfully supplied 50 Coaster minibuses to TCM between 1994-96 and they were the backbone of the fleet until 1 Aug., 2011. MG6412 seen working on route 11 and the route was handoverd to Reolian on 1 Aug., 2011



A batch of 5 Volvo B7RLE was acquired by New Hong Kong Bus Co. in 2003 and bodied by local builder Jit Luen. The Volvo B7RLE of NHKB was the second super low floor bus type assembled by Jit Luen and the first of the batch, LE803, seen here heading for Huangguang.



The fourth batch of Dennis Dragon 9.9m of KMB, the last step-entranced bus model in the fleet, was ordered in 1997 and commissioned in 1999. All these Dragons featured with Euro 2 engine, some seats were fitted with seat-belt and a lower handrail at the upper deck front.



AVC41(RD7861) was seen here working on circular route 251A at Sheung Tsuen. 251A was part of re-structured of service networks of KMB on 31, Mar., 2012. Effective from that day, route 251M was re-terminated at Sheung Tsuen from Kam Sheung Road Railway Station and 251A was introduced as feeder service along Kam Sheung Road and Tai Lam Tunnel bus interchange.


新加坡SMRT前身八達巴士(TIBS)於一九九五年購入五十部Scania L113CRL空調巴士,全數於英國由亞歷山大裝配Strider車身後付運新加坡,行走187路線的TIB563A正準備駛進文禮巴士轉換站。

Prepared to turn into Boon Lay Interchange, Singapore, is a SMRT Walter Alexander Strider bodied Scania L113CRL TIB563A worked on route 187. Totally 50 Scania L113CRL with Alexander bodyworks were introduced in 1995 during the age of TIBS and all of them are air-conditioned.



18 double decker were acquired by MTR Bus in 2010 and the first batch of 9 Alexander Dennis Enviro400 were started to delivered since Jan., 2012. The first two 140 and 141 were registered in May, 2012 as RJ7286 and RJ6613 respectively. 141 was seen here in Fo Tan Depot. It was expected that Enviro400 would start to serve passengers around the end of May, 2012.



NLB operated the largest YoungMan Bus fleet at present with 14 samples. The first YM1 (PM3562) was seen here at Shenzhen Bay Port and was commenced in 2010. In 2012, City Bus will take over NLB to become the operator run the largest fleet of YoungMan as 16 YoungMan JN6105GR will be delivered in mid. of 2012. Park Island Transport Co. Ltd. and Hotelink under Kwoon Chung Group also operate buses manufactured from YoungMan.


珀麗灣客運是本港唯一一間擁有Super Pointer Dart的巴士公司,當中有三架於二零零七年投入服務的Super Pointer Dart由亞歷山大丹尼士製造,披上了獨特車身色彩,主要用於行走往返機場的NR334路線。MW3441剛於機場接載乘客,由二號客運大樓停車場開出,返回珀麗灣。

MW3441 was one of the three Alexander Dennis Super Pointer Dart of Park Island Transport Co. Ltd., the only bus operator run a fleet of Super Pointer Dart, purchased in 2007 for the service NR334 operated between the Airport and Park Island. The fleet serving NR334 was decorated with specific colour scheme and MW3441 seen departing the car park of Terminal 2 heading for Park Island.


圖中反映出由九鐵巴士到今日港鐵巴士三個世代:最右的是一架於二零零五年退役的都城嘉慕都城型(138),是九鐵巴士部的開國功臣,中間是兩架剛退役的富豪B10M(413及415),配Northern Counties車身,一九九五年投入九鐵巴士部行走屯門碼頭特快路線,而最遠方的是港鐵巴士最新購入的亞歷山大丹尼士Enviro400,用作取代富豪B10M及丹尼士飛鏢,尚未領取行車證。

This photo illustrated three different era from KCRC Bus Division in the past to MTR Bus today: The bus at the right was a MCW Metrobus, the first batch of bus acquired by KCRC Bus Division when established, retired in 2005. The pair of single deckers was Volvo B10M bodied by Northen Counties served both KCRC Bus Division and MTR Bus since 1995 and retired recently. While the double decker far behind, Alexander Dennis Enviro400, the replacement for Volvo B10M and Dennis Dart, still awaiting for registration.



Awaiting it next duty and passing by a pair of NWFB Dennis Dart at Aberdeen Praya Road was City Bus Alexander Dennis Enviro400 7038(RE2199). It was one of the last three Enviro400 ordered by City Bus and entered service in the end of 2011.



Only short wheel-based bus model can deploy on rural route 64K, operated by KMB running between Yuen Long West and Tai Po Market Railway Station, due to the restriction of roads. A Dennis Trident 10.6m (ATS119/KM455) seen here in Sheung Tsuen heading for Yuen Long. The demand of 64K was very high as it served as feeder service for both residents along the countryside and the tourist for Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree.



A Toyota Coaster of AMS, KX1778, was initially served route 69 running between Cyber Port and Quarry Bay. All minibuses worked on this route were painted with all white livery. For the Coaster, bonded window was chosen and distinctive from the other.



Working on one of the high patronage route K76 was MTR Bus 746(JD5385). Totally 47 Dennis Trident acquired from NWFB in 2004 were managed by West Rail Section of MTR Bus and suitable working on most of the feeder service with their short bodyworks.


配用都普車身(另外尚有一架裝配Northern Counties車身)的丹尼士飛鏢,是九巴目前單層巴士車隊中,唯一一款非低地台巴士。直到二零一二年三月為止,仍然有十七架都普車身飛鏢在路面上服務乘客,主要行走東九龍及西九龍地區一帶。

By the end of Mar., 2012, only 18 step-entranced Dennis Dart survived in KMB, 17 of them fitted with Duple Metsec bodyworks while the remaining bodied by Northern Counties. All of these Dennis Dart was the only non SLF single decker in KMB. It can easily find them working on routes in Eastern and Western Kowloon.



No more Japanese buses in KMB fleet after the last sample of Mitsubishi MK217J served under Lai Chi Kok Depot retired since 19, Mar., 2012. Total 184 MK-series served in KMB fleet during the boom days and at the sunset stage of them, mostly deployed on routes with low profolio in both urban and countryside areas. AM182(GJ3654) was working on route 54 heading for Yuen Long Town passing outside Ko Po Tsuen, Kam Tin.



Effective from 1, Aug., 2011, there were three bus operators to provide service in Macau and Reolian was the newest operator. The fleet of Reolian was composed of Yutong Bus from China at the early stage and here was 3068(MP6249), a low floor full-sized single decker on route MT2. Reolian also acquired buses from YoungMan and expected to enter service very soon.



The only Dennis Jubilant survived in the world, DS1(CD2198), was under preserved by Hong Kong Transport Society and it was seen here after participating HK Bus Rally 2012. It was repainted with standard CMB livery in early 2012.



The terminus of KMB route 74A was relocated to Kai Yip, Kowloon Bay from Kwun Tong Ferry since 18, Feb., 2012. ADS209(JC3319), photographed on 17, Feb., 2012, passing Tai Po Road heading for Kwun Tong Ferry. Starting from the same day, only 1 double-decker left in 74A.



2 more MAN 12.240, DBAY175 and 176, with Gemilang bodyworks of Malaysia were entered service with DB Transit Service Limited in Feb., 2012. These two MAN 12.240 featured with Euro 5 emission standard engine and DBAY175(RE8750) was seen here working on route 8 heading for Discovery Bay Ferry Pier.



On 28 Dec., 2011, we saw the last Dennis Dart retired from SBS Transit and indicated no more medium single decker in the fleet. Total 10 Dennis Dart with Duple Metsec dual doorways bodyworks ordered by Singapore Bus Service in 1994. At Kembangan MRT Station, SBS8018Z, the last Dennis Dart in SBS Transit, was awaiting it next departure.



NLB fleet was mainly composed of Japanese bus models including three Mitsubishi Rosa minibuses. In 2012, Mitsubishi Rosa still actively serving route 34, running between Shek Mun Kap and Tung Chung, but MAN from Germany was the mainstream of NLB fleet nowadays.



AVBWS1(PP9062) was decorated with KMB 1970's classic livery in Dec., 2011 as ATS38(JN2780) and ASB13(NV5551) did. The classic livery on AVBWS1 also celebrated the 20th anniversary of Bus Fan World.



The first batch of Dennis Baby Dragon owned by City Bus, 702-720, started to off from passenger service as more and more Alexander Dennis Enviro400 joined to the fleet. 703(GD1405) still actively serving Stanley in Oct., 2011. However, it was delicensed in Dec., 2011.



In 2004, NLB acquired 5 MAN NL262 from City Bus for serving Northern Lantau routes. With a panel advertisement of promoting Road Safety, MN11(JL7600, ex-City Bus 1577) seen here serving route 38 heading for Yat Tung Estate.



The demand of the KMB routes connecting Kowloon Tong Station and Shatin was adversely affected after the operation of the KCR (now known as MTR) Ma On Shan Line. Route 82M, running between Kwong Yuen and Kowloon Tong Railway Station, was one of the affected route. Though it can be escaped from the fade of cancellation, some of the buses deployed changed into single decker. AVC31(PH8276), a Volvo B7RLE was just arrived at Kowloon Tong.



Seen at Maokong Station of the Maokong Gondola, a pair of ISUZU NQR70PBL with Ri-Ying bodyworks owned by Shinbus were awaiting their next trip on the circular tour service linking between the sightseeing point nearby and the Maokong Station.



The scene of 74K turning into Tai Po Railway Station from Nam Wan Road (South bound) will not be seen. Route 74K was merged with 275 with routes amended and upgraded to whole day service since 19, Dec., 2011.



After 18 years of service, the first batch of Dennis Baby Dragon were gradually withdrawn from passenger service. Until Nov., 2011, only ADS30(FV7835) left and mainly serving route 81K, running between Sun Tin Wai and Sui Wo Court.


九巴於二零零九年引進二十架Scania K230UB十點六米巴士,在新車投入服務初期曾經有三架K230UB被編進屯門及元朗車廠。ASB16(NV7147)是其中一架隸屬於元朗廠的K230UB,行走54路線,並成為首款服務該線的單層低地台巴士。

KMB Tuen Mun and Yuen Long depot once operated 3 Scania K230UB 10.6m after their first registration. Seen in Tung Wui Road, Kam Tin, was ASB16(NV7147) working on route 54 and it was the first super low floor single decker serving this route.



Total 100 Volvo Super Olympian 10.6m were introduced by KMB during 2001-2005. ASV66(KY6311) was seen here in Central working on Cross Harbour Tunnel route 103 heading for Pokfield Road. All Baby Super Olympians mainly allocated on route that cannot served by 11m or above bus models.


新巴於每年重陽節開辦特別路線15A,往返筲箕灣及山頂,受制於山頂道跟加列山道天橋橋底高度,除了派出十點三米的丹尼士三叉戟外,同廠的飛鏢便成為另一主力,以應付龐大的客量需求,2088(HZ2416)正駛經司徒拔道前往筲箕灣。 值得一提是,當15A提供服務時,往返天后及山頂的15B會暫停服務。

Route 15A operated by NWFB, running between Shau Kei Wan and The Peak, was only operated during Chung Yeung Festival while the service of route 15B was temporary suspended. To cater the high demand, Dennis Dart together with Trident 10.3m were allocated to this route since the restriction imposed by the the headroom of the Mount Kellett Road Bridge. Seen in Stubbs Road was a Dennis Dart 2088(HZ2416) heading for Shau Kei Wan.



City Bus introduced Hong Kong first wheelchair accessible bus Volvo B6LE in 1996. All 60 B6LE chassis were bodied by three bodybuilders: Plaxton, Walter Alexander from UK and Jit Luen of Hong Kong. All Volvo B6LE with Plaxton and Alexander bodyworks were withdrawn and sold to UK or New Zealand in 2000 and the remaining 23 Volvo B6LEs in City Bus at present, can be easily found in 3B, 76, M47 and residential service of City One Shatin.



The production Alexander Dennis Enviro400 ordered by City Bus in 2010 were seen in service with Southern District and Stanley routes since the end of Aug., 2011. Unlike the prototype, the single piece of toughened glass was not chosen for the emergency exit at the lower deck and doors were supplied by Ventrua instead of Deans. MTR Bus Division will receive their Enviro400 in early of 2012.



The service standard of KMB route 276 was upgraded when more Alexander Dennis Enviro200Dart entered service. Seen in Sheung Shui, AAU1(PU4458) just arrived from Tin Shui Wai.



There were 5 Leyland Olympians 10.4m still survive in City Bus Operations Department One in Aug., 2011 and expected to be phased out between mid. of Aug. and Sept. ,2011. 229(FS6880) was seen working on route 6X in a sunny Sunday afternoon. After the withdrawal of these final Leylands, there will be no more Leyland buses serving in franchised routes and the only operator for Leyland will be City Bus non-franchised sector.



MN6(KY8548) is one of the MAN NL263 introduced by NLB in 2003. It was seen here working on 38 heading for Tung Chung Railway Station. Except 38, MAN NL263 mainly serve 37, Shenzhen Bay Port feeder service B2 and B2P.


由二零零七年起,新加坡新捷運先後向瑞典Scania購入共一千一百零一架K230UB,全數新車配用馬來西亞順豐車身,成為新捷運車隊中的主要骨幹。在武吉士的街頭,可以看到三架Scania K230UB一同服務乘客,這個鏡頭在新加坡不難遇見。

SBS Transit in Singapore introduced 1101 Scania K230UB with Gemilang bodyworks since 2007 and became the backbone of the fleet. It is very common to see several K230UBs working together anywhere in Singapore like here in Bugis.


二零一一年六 月,九巴最後兩架三菱MK117J 中型巴士正式除牌,標誌著這款於九十年代初期引進的中型巴士消失於香港道路上。全盛時期共有一百七十九架MK117J服役於九巴及九鐵巴士部(現稱港鐵巴士),服務範圍遍及九龍巿區及新界新巿鎮以及偏遠地區。AM148(FN7362)在其最後服務生涯被編往行走53路線,正從元朗巿中心開往荃灣。

The last 2 Mitsubishi MK117J midibuses of KMB were delicensed in Jun, 2011, indicates that no more MK117J on the road. Totally 179 MK117J were introduced between 1991-1993 and served with KMB and KCRC Bus Division (now known as MTR Bus). AM148(FN7362) seen here in Yuen Long Town Centre heading for Tsuen Wan.



The first 2-axle Volvo B9TL in Hong Kong, City Bus 7500(PN8018), left several records in the fleet. The first Volvo super low floor double decker, first Volvo B9TL and first fitted with Wrightbus bodywork. Volvo B9TL 2-axle still cannot make any success on getting any purchase orders at this moment.



The KMB Alexander Dennis Enviro200Dart was entered service on 4, May, 2011 after half an year of their arrival. AAU4(PV4758) was seen here in Ping Ha Road, Ping Shan heading for Yuen Long on it first day service on route 53. It was the first time for KMB super low floor bus serving this area. Except 53, Enviro200Dart also served 263M, 276 and N368.



The external public transport of Yuen Long Industrial Estate mainly depends on MTR Bus K68. K68 linking the Industrial Estate with Yuen Long Town Centre, Yuen Long Park and Long Ping Railway Station. 726(JD7372), a Dennis Trident, seen here at the bus terminus of Yuen Long Industrial Estate. K68 mainly served by Alexander Dennis Enviro200Dart.



The last Volvo B10M of MTR Bus, 415(GN614) was seen on weekdays peak hours service K74, running between Tin Shui and Yuen Long. 18 Alexander Dennis double decker were ordered as a replacement for 18 single decker introduced in 1995 including the B10M.


DBAY121(HD7319)是愉景灣於一九九七年引進的首架丹尼士飛鏢,配上九點二米的雙門Plaxton Pointer車身。這個組合在全港是獨一無二,在服務差不多十四年的今天,DBAY121將會於二零一一年退役,由其他新款巴士取代。

A 9.2m Dennis Dart with Plaxton Pointer dual doors bodywork, DBAY121(HD7319), was joined DB Transit Service Limited in 1997. This unique combination in Hong Kong will soon disappear as it will expect to retire after it 14 years service life.



NHKB introduced 9 MAN 18.320HOCL-NL with Gemilang bodyworks of Malaysia in 2011. They can carry 85 passengers with 27 seatings and 58 standees. The Dennis Dart used to run on this service were then withdrawn from service in March, 2011.



40 Dennis Dragon with Duple Metsec single door bodyworks were introduced by City Bus from 1994-97 for routes serving Stanley. It was very common to see them on Queensway, Admiralty, the trunk road for Stanley routes heading for Central.



Park Island Transport Co. Ltd. introduced 2 YoungMan in 2010 and it was the second operator of the YoungMan in Hong Kong. PS3301 was the second YoungMan and now approaching Park Island working on NR330. 3 more YoungMan will join Park Island Transport Co. Ltd. in the near future.


嶼巴於二零零七年向城巴購入六架富豪B6LE,用作行走東涌區內路線。全數B6LE均配用本地捷聯車身,並於一九九八年加入城巴車隊。嶼巴已經有計劃將富豪B6LE以及丹尼士飛鏢淘汰,圖中是VL5(HU5293),原城巴車隊編號1338,正準備由順東路轉入達東路,尾隨其後是城巴的富豪B6LE 1340(HU6050)。

6 Volvo B6LE from City Bus with local bodyworks supplied by Jit Luen were acquired by NLB in 2007 for the routes serving the Tung Chung new town. VL5(HU5293, ex-City Bus 1338) was turning into Tat Tung Road from Shun Tung Road followed by a City Bus Volvo B6LE 1340(HU6050). NLB was planned to withdraw all Volvo B6LE and Dennis Dart in the near future.



KMB operated 261, mainly served by Dennis Dragon, running between Sheung Shui and Tuen Mun. Effective from 14, Feb., 2011, the routing of 261 inside Tuen Mun was amended and the bus stop at Tuen Mun Park and Tune Mun Central were cancelled. ADS234(JD4139) just arrived at Tuen Mun Central from Sheung Shui.



The old colour scheme of KCR Bus Division was gradually replaced by the new MTR Bus Division scheme over the past year and only a few MTR buses still carry the KCR Bus Division scheme in Feb., 2011. 910(NS1189) was one of the MTR bus carrying the old livery in Feb., 2011 and seen working on route K68.



Dennis Dart was the sole bus type can deploy on route 51 and fitted with manual retarder to cope with the conditions of Route TWISK. AA24(GD3952) was one of the Dennis Dart can serve 51 and featured with a Denso air-con. unit. This bus was withdrawn from service in Jan., 2011 and the other aging Dennis Darts on 51 will be replaced by Alexander Dennis Enviro200Dart in the future.



Total 62 Dennis Trident 10.6m with Walter Alexander ALX500 bodyworks were entered service with NWFB in 1999 and NWFB was the second bus operator to run Dennis Trident 10.6m. As there were surplus buses after the networks reconstruction, 47 of the Dennis Trident 10.6m were sold to KCRC Bus Division during 2004-2005. Seen on the first day of 2011, 1639(JE266) was working on route 9 heading for Shek O.



YoungMan full-sized Super Low Floor Bus, first Hong Kong franchised bus made in China, was introduced by NLB in 2010. PM7970 was the third YoungMan in NLB and had a fleet number MN81, followed the MAN-series immediately in the fleet. All YoungMan were then re-classed as YM and the new fleet number of PM7970, was YM03.



KMB decorated a Mitsubishi MK (AM159/FP4975) with characters written by Tezuka Osamu, a famous Japanese cartoonist, to celebrate the Christmas Eve. A bus model based on this advertisement was welcomed by the general public.



3360(KT3917) was assigned as a Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus reserve in mid. of Dec., 2010 and decorated with the Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus livery. 3360 normally seen on route 25 and this day, it was photoed together with a Dennis Trident 12m, 1144(HZ9257), with an all-over HK WinterFest advertisement.



Totally 125 HIGER single deckers with different length were entered service with Transmac in Macau since 2006. Route 26A used to operate by Mitsubishi Rosa but now serving with HIGER.



The newest member of the KMB single decker fleet, Enviro200Dart from Alexander Dennis, totally 30 Enviro200Darts 10.4m were ordered and some of them will be fitted with manual retarder for serving route 51 passing through Route TWISK.



City Bus 205(FG9161) was decorated as a "Eastern Art Bus" as part of "Eastern District Arts Festival". "Eastern Art Bus" would visit different places to show exhibits and drawings related to Eastern District created by local artists between 13, Nov., 2010 and Jan., 2011.



City Bus placed an further order of 38 Alexander Dennis Enviro400 in Nov., 2010 as a replacement for the Leyland Olympian 10.4m A/C commissioned in 1993. All Enviro400s will receive their bodyworks in China.



The first full-sized super low floor single decker in Hong Kong, MAN NL262, was introduced by City Bus in 1998 with the first order of 60. A further 20 samples was acquired in 2000 and nowadays, they still actively in service with routes serving the Island. 1543(HV7871) was seen here in Tai Hang heading for Central.



Taken on 8, Aug., 2010, was the eighth member of the Volvo B7RLE in KMB. Not only the fleet no. was AVC8, but also with a quite good luck registration no., PE8808.



NWFB successfully won a tender of Tseung Kwan O routes in 2000 and 796B, linking Tiu Keng Leng Railway Station and Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong, was one of them. Since the low demand, this route was cancelled on 10, Oct., 2010 and a new route 798 was opened on the same day, running between Tiu Keng Leng and Fo Tan as a replacement.


珀麗灣客運成立於二零零二年,為馬灣珀麗灣提供包括渡輪及巴士的對外交通服務。珀麗灣客成立初期只有六部丹尼士飛鏢低地台巴士,全數由九巴購入,配用Plaxton Pointer車身,HB9775是前九巴AA54,正行走接駁青衣鐵路站的NR330線。珀麗灣客運已經訂購兩架青年JNP6122GR大型低地台巴士,預料於二零一零年第四季到港。

Park Island Transport Co. Ltd. was established to provide external transport for Park Island in 2002. There were 6 Plaxton Pointer bodies Dennis Dart bought from KMB at the initial stage of service. Seen in Tsing Yi Railway Station, HB9775 was ex-KMB AA54. Two Young Man JNP6122GR full-sized low floor buses will be delivered to Park Island by the fourth-quarter of 2010.


全港首架兩軸富豪B9TL,已經於二零一零年七月底到港,車主是城巴。這架B9TL樣板車裝配有Wright Eclipse Gemini 2車身,是城巴車隊中首架配用Wright車身的巴士。這架B9TL仍然接受不同測試及調校,當一切準備就緒,相信會跟亞歷山大丹尼士Enviro400一樣,被安排到赤柱一帶路線試驗行走,作為評估大量購入的可能性。

Not only the first Wright bodywork bus in City Bus, but also the first 2-axle Volvo B9TL in Hong Kong, was delivered to Hong Kong in the end of July, 2010. This demonstrator still undergo different test at this moment. It was expected the B9TL would be arranged on routes serving Stanley along with the Alexander Dennis Enviro400 for evaluation.



Only 32 Mitsubishi MK midibuses left in KMB in Sept., 2010. Mitsubishi MK was first introduced in early 90s for the use on feeder or countryside routes. As the demand for air-con. bus service increased together with improvements of road conditions in the countryside, Mitsubishi MK was then reap laced by other bus types.



The first Super Low Floor Bus in KMB, Dennis Dart SLF, was introduced in 1996-97. They were named "Easy Access Bus" and allocated to 1A, 60M, 86K and 88K. As Dennis Trident started to enter service, they were then transferred to other routes like 283, linking Mei Chung Court in Tai Wai and Shatin Central.



In 2007, 11 Alexander Dennis Enviro200Dart were ordered by KCR Bus Division and entered service with MTR Bus from mid. of 2008-09. 902(NM4760) was one of the demo MTR Bus received the new livery in Sept., 2009. KMB also placed an order of 30 Enviro200Dart in 2010 and expected to be entered service in the beginning of 2011.



MN15(MX2832) was the first of the five MAN A91s introduced by NLB in 2007 for the operation of B2. The MAN A91 was the first Euro 4 bus in the fleet and MN15 was seen here just leaving the Yuen Long station.



NWFB T106, ex-MC5(BV2048) is a Metro Cammell Weymann Metrobus introduced on the luxury service for Stanley by CMB in 1978. T106 joined the NWFB training bus fleet after transferred to NWFB in 1998 and it is the only Metrobus with valid registration in Hong Kong at present. Tram 131 was met T106 at Shau Kei Wan. Both of them witness the change of public transport in Hong Kong Island over the past 30 years.



The first batch of 50 KMB Dennis Trident fitted with Duple Metsec bodyworks were commissioned in 1999-2000. ATS47(JN4092) was seen here at Queensway heading for Chuk Yuen Estate in Kowloon.


九巴於二零零九年向富豪先後訂購七十架富豪B7RLE,配用埃及MCV Evolution車身。首架B7RLE於二零一零年四月十三日投入服務,隨後其他新車亦陸續安排到不同路線服務乘客,AVC12(PF3320)行走273路線,替代了原先在這條接駁路線上的丹尼士長矛。

KMB ordered total 70 Volvo B7RLEs in 2009 with MCV Evolution bodyworks from Egypt. The first was entered service on 13, Apr., 2010 and the following B7RLEs were deployed on different routes. AVC12(PF3320) was seen here working on 273 and taking the place of the Dennis Lance on this route.



The KMB Alexander Dennis Enviro400 demonstrator ATSE1(PC4053) entered service on 17, Feb., 2010 on route 606. The relative low demand and the different road conditions make it be a good platform for testing this demonstrator.



Two MAN 12.240 with Gemilang bodyworks joined DB Transit Service Limited in 2008 as a replacement of the Mercedes Benz O405 with Asia Auto bodyworks. Here was DBAY109(NS162) leaving the terminus of Discovery Bay Ferry Pier while working on route 8.



736(JF9088) seen here approaching Long Ping Bus Terminus with the new MTR Bus Division livery. The renewal of the colour scheme still processing in 2010 and 736 was one of the Dennis Trident 10.6m to be repainted this year.



24 Dennis Lances full-size single decker were entered service with KMB in 1993. 12 of them were dual-doors version and used to serve 30X, 203E and 238X. Some of the Lance were then transferred to serve the Northern New Territories and AN1(FP2584), was seen here working on route 78K, serving Sha Tau Kok and Sheung Shui. AN1 was withdrawn from the fleet in mid. of May, 2010.


隨著丹尼士飛鏢及三菱MK中型巴士陸續退役,假日郊遊路線275R也於二零一零年四月中旬開始,派出Scania K230UB超低地台巴士行走,圖中的ASC23(PB6753)剛從大埔墟鐵路站開抵新娘潭總站。

Scania K230UB started to appear on leisure route 275R since mid. of Apr., 2010 as more and more Dennis Dart and Mitsubishi MK midibuses withdrawn from passengers service. ASC23(PB6753) just arrived Bride's Pool.



In 2003, a batch of 10 Carlyle bodies Dennis Dart were purchased from NWFB to City Bus. They were mainly used on residential service and for hiring. They were introduced in 1991 by CMB and then sold to NWFB in 1998 as the franchised transferred. At present, only 3 Dennis Darts remain in the fleet and 1482(EX1241, ex- CMB/NWFB DC3) was one of them.



KMB Route 8A was one of the route converted from non air-con. to fully air-con. service in mid. 90s. ADS78(GT6456) just arrived Star Ferry Bus Terminus from Whampoa Garden.



The City Bus Alexander Dennis Enviro400 demonstrator started to serve 260 since 22, Mar., 2010 after the trial run on 117. This demonstrator was also the only City Bus super low floor double decker served in Stanley.



A free shuttle service running between Island Place and North Point Government Office was operated by CMB during weekdays lunch hour. Normally 2-3 single deckers were deployed on this service and CX6(GD5694), a Dennis Dart, was heading for Chai Wan Depot after running this service.



ATS124(KM5075) belonged to the last batch of Dennis Trident 10.6m introduced in 2002. It was used as 45 scheduled since registration and also was the first batch of super low floor bus serving this route.



Total 120 Leyland Olympians 9.5m were introduced between 1983-1985 and with different frontal design with different batches. The last one was withdrawn from passengers service in the end of Dec., 2002. Here was BL79(DE3104) seen in Tai Po in 2009, this bus was preserved and restored to the original frontal design when new.



Both NWFB route 82 and City Bus route 85 running between North Point Ferry and Chai Wan. Here were two Dennis Trident 10.6m awaiting at North Point Ferry working on route 82 and 85 respectively.



The only one Leyland Olympian 2-axle in City Bus - 19 (ET3822) was manufactured in 1984 and used as a demo bus in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur before joined City Bus in 1991. it was the only one bus fitted with ECW bodyworks in Hong Kong at present. 19 was mainly seen on the staff shuttle service between City Bus Fo Tan and Tuen Mun depot.



Those 15 Mitsubishi MK217Js become more easily to be distinguished from the fleet as more and more MK117Js delicensed. On a sunny Sunday afternoon, AM171(GJ3678) was passing through Ting Kok Road heading for Tai Po Market Railway Station from Bride's Pool.



Jit Luen bodied Volvo B6LE was the backbone of shuttle routes between the Airport and Tung Chung New Town before the mid. of 2005. At present, only 4 Volvo B6LEs stayed in Tung Chung and mainly seen as a staff bus. 1340(HU6050) was seen here in Tung Chung Town Centre working on the staff shuttle service on the Boxing Day of 2009.



KMB route 94 linked Sai Kung with Wong Shek Ferry Pier via Pak Tam Chung. During holidays, tourists will transfer 94 at Sai Kung for outing. ASV84(LR4543) taking tourists from Wong Shek heading for Sai Kung at Pak Tam Chung. (Photo taken by Long)



Isuzu became the main component of NLB fleet since the first entered service in 1985. All of them play a significant role on different NLB routes. As the better road conditions and to upgrade service standard, Isuzu was gradually replaced by Man. ILS113 left this scene with Cheung Sha beach as the backdrop heading for Tung Chung at the Old Tung Chung Road on 28, Jan., 2009.



Dennis Dart was the backbone of the Lok Ma Chan and Huanggang shuttle bus service since 1997. HB6118 was seen here at Lok Ma Chau Terminus from Huanggang with full load.



K75 linked with Tin Shui Wai Railway Station and Hung Shui Kiu, Ha Tsuen. With effect from 29, Nov., 2009, the terminus was relocated to Tin Shui Wai Railway Station from Hung Shui Kiu. Though change of the terminate point, passengers still can hop on and off alongside the route.



Totally 3 Dennis Dominator was acquired by The Big Bus Company, Tour of Hong Kong from Argos. All of them were introduced from Clydeside 2000 in Scotland in 1993. They will soon replaced by the brand new Ankai open-top decker from China.


清明及重陽節期間,九巴安排14S往返將軍澳華人永遠墳場及油塘,接載孝子賢孫,登高及拜祭先人。長期以來,只有三菱MK型中型巴士能夠勝任,但隨著十點六米版本的Scania K230UB投入服務,由二零零九年開始,14S改用新車行走,而三菱則繼續扮演輔助角色。

KMB operated special service 14S during Ching Ming and Chung Yeung Festival running between Tseung Kwan O Chinese Permanent Cemetery. Mitsubishi MK midibus was the only bus type suitable for this route until the commissioned of Scania K230UB 10.6m in 2009.



NWFB acquired second batch of 20 Dennis Tridents 10.3m in 2003 to replace those Dennis Darts purchased from CMB. Their low-bridge bodyworks were supplied by Duple Metsec. As Duple Metsec ceased to produce bodyworks after merged into Transbus International,all these Dennis Tridents became the last batch of buses to be bodied by Duple Metsec. 3345(KR8041) was seen here working on route 25.


本港歷來共有十四架丹尼士飛鏢配上富英國味道的Northern Counties車身,其中三架由九鐵巴士部購入,目前由港鐵巴士營運。501(GN5128)是首架飛鏢巴士並率先於二零零九年換上全新港鐵巴士色彩,予人煥然一新感覺。

Total 14 Dennis Darts were bodied by Northern Counties in Hong Kong and 3 of them were acquired by KCRC Bus Division and now operated by MTR Bus Division. The first Dennis Dart, 501(GN5128) giving a new image to the public with the new livery of MTR Bus Division.



Dennis Dart was one of the midibus introduced by KMB in early 90s. AA7 (FN6870), a Duple Metsec bodied Dennis Dart, was passing through Sheung Shui Town Centre while working on 79K.



MTR Bus provided a special service to Siu Hong Railway Station as a special traffic arrangement of the pyrotechnics display in Tuen Mun on 19, Sept., 2009. Around 40 buses from East Rail and West Rail section were allocated to the route. 716(JD4016) and 742(JC5291) were seen here awaiting their next duty at Ho Pong Street outside Tuen Mun Railway Station.



NWFB tendered 5 Western Kowloon routes in 2003 and 971 was one of them. It was first operated between WR Nam Cheong Station and Shek Pai Wan. The Kowloon side terminus was then extended to Hoi Lai Estate and a Dennis Dart SLF was passing through Nam Cheong Station towards Shek Pai Wan.


九巴全數三十架Scania K230UB已經投入服務,並陸陸續續被安排到不同路線,最新獲編配Scania K230UB新車路線,包括來往彩雲及大角咀的循環線10號,ASB18(NV7801)正途經斧山迴旋處前往彩雲。在來年新車訂單中,九巴再加訂了二十架十二米版的K230UB。

All KMB Scania K230UB single deckers were already entered service and further 20 Scania K230UB 12m were ordered . Circular route 10, running between Choi Wan and Tai Kok Tsui received two Scania K230UB 10.6m and ASB18 (NV7801) was seen heading for Choi Wan passing through Hammer Hill Road Roundabout.



ADS57(GS8755), a Dennis Dragon, was met with a Dennis Dragon 12m of City Bus in Tonkin Street bus terminus. From 16, Aug., 2009, to cope with the commissioned of West Rail Line Extension, terminus of 12 was relocated to Hoi Lai Estate and service also extended from Tsim Sha Tsui to Tsim Sha Tsui East with some routing amendments.


梅窩碼頭曾經是遊客前往大嶼山島上各處觀光的必經之路,隨著青嶼幹線開通,重要性已經不像從前。同樣,嶼巴連接這裡的巴士路線,接載旅客的重任亦被連接東涌新巿鎮的路線所分擔。圖中一架猛獅18.310 MN40(LY6145)行走2號線,由昂坪駛抵梅窩碼頭,這也証明了,昔日五十鈴巴士在嶼巴的重要位置,漸漸由猛獅巴士取代。

Before the opening of Lantau Link, tourists need passing through Slivermine Bay Ferry Pier (also known as Mui Wo Ferry Pier) for accessing other sightseeing point in Lantau. The ferry pier was less importance at present as tourists can access anywhere in Lantau through Tung Chung Town Centre. A MAN 18.310, MN40(LY6145) was seen arrived at Mui Wo from Ngong Ping. This also indicates that, the NLB Isuzu fleet become less importance than before.



City Bus operates the largest open-top double deckers fleet and share the largest sector of the market. During 2006, City Bus introduced the open-top air-con buses service by converting 3 Leyland Olympians 11m. As part of fleet renewal scheme, 2 Leyland Olympians 10.6m A/C were converted into open-top double decker in 2008. 221 (left) and 191 were awaiting for next departure of the Citytour service at the HKExpo, Wan Chai.


繼五月下旬十點六米版的Scania K203UB(ASB)投入服務後 ,九巴十二米版本的Scania K230UB,ASC1(NV7050)在經過一段時間測試及車型訓練,終於在二零零九年七月十八日投入服務,行走往返太和及觀塘碼頭的74A路線。圖中正是ASC1首個載客車程前往觀塘碼頭,途經獅子山隧道公路近新田圍邨。

The first KMB Scania K230UB 12m entered service on 18, Jul., 2009 after series of tests and training. ASC1 was passing through Lion Rock Tunnel Road, Sha Tin near Sun Tin Wai Estate on it really first trip working on 74A.



Before 12, Jul. ,2009, 13M was the sole KMB regular service terminated at Kwun Tong Railway Station. As the implement of the reconstruction of Kwun Tong Town Centre, serveral Kwun Tong routes will relocate their terminuses and the new terminus of 13M, will be Kwun Tong (Elegence Road).



The first 30 Dennis Baby Dragons were commissioned in 1993. ADS16(FT4764) was one of them and seen running on route 2B between Chuk Yuen and Cheung Sha Wan. It was taking rest with the building of Chuk Yuen Estate as a backdrop.


九鐵巴士部於一九九五年購入十八個英國Northern Counties車身,其中十五個裝配於來自瑞典之富豪B10M底盤 。隨著二零零七年十二月兩鐵合併,全數B10M已經轉由港鐵巴士部營運,401(GM3239)是首架九鐵巴士部B10M,正服務K65接駁巴士線,途經屏廈路開往流浮山。

KCRC Bus Division acquired 18 Northern Counties bodyworks from UK in 1995 and 15 of them were fitted on Volvo B10M chassis from Sweden. As KCRC were merged into MTR, all Volvo B10Ms now operated by MTR Bus Division and the first one, 401(GM3239) was seen here in Ping Ha Road heading for Lau Fau Shan.


經過數個月測試及預備,九巴的Scania K230UB十點六米新車終於在二零零九年五月二十四日投入服飾。在滂沱大雨下,ASB1(NT8619)正準備由達之路駛往又一村巴士總站。

The first Scania K230UB, ASB1(NT8619) was entered service on 24, May , 2009 after series of tests. ASB1 was entering Yau Yat Chuen Bus Terminus under a heavy shower.


為達到分流效果,嶼巴於星期六,日及公眾假期增設B2P線,連接天水圍巿中心及深圳灣口岸,為應付開辦新線而需要增加的車輛,嶼巴向冠忠集團另一子公司冠利借調MAN 18.310,這批巴士在行走B2P時會於車身貼上嶼巴標誌。目前,B2P位於天水圍的總站已經由天水圍巿中心搬往天慈邨。

NLB operated B2P linked with Tin Shui Wai Town Centre and Shenzhen Bay Port during Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays to divert the demand of B2 in Tin Shui Wai. As a result, NLB borrowed a batch of MAN 18.310 from Kwoon Lee, one of the subsidiary company of Kwoon Chung Group. All of them were sticked with NLB logo when serving B2P. At present, the terminus of B2P in Tin Shui Wai was relocated in Tin Tsz.


九巴最新成員─Scania K230UB單層低地台巴士,全數配用葡萄牙Caetano車身的新車共有兩個長度,分別為十點六米同十二米。首架十點六米版Scania K230UB已經完成登記,隨後新車將於稍後時間投入服務。圖中是一架十二米版新車,剛被運到香港,等候接受廠方作最後測試及調校。

The newest member of KMB family, the Scan ia K230UB single decker. The order consisted of 20 10.6m K230UBs and 10 of 12m K230UBs, all of them bodied by Cretan from Portugal. The photo shown on the left was a 12m sample and just arrived in Hong Kong.



City Bus started it service in Stanley since Sept. 1993 after the acquisition of 6 and 6A from CMB. The network of City Bus in Stanley was then further expanded by acquired two more CMB routes in 1995. 719(GE3031), a Dennis Dragon 10.3m, were seen here heading for Cyber Port in Southern District.


為配合開辦機場路線A35,嶼巴於一九九八年向丹尼士訂購三架配Plaxton Pointer車身的飛鏢低地台巴士,並配用大馬力引擎及手動變速箱。DN1(HR6527) 是首架飛鏢低地台巴士,這天出現於昂坪,並不是行走23路線,只是擔當一個巴士迷會活動的主角而已。

NLB placed an order with Dennis for 3 Dennis Dart SLF with Plaxton Pointer bodyworks in 1998. Unlike the Dart operated by other operators, they were fitted with a more powerful engine and manual transmission unit. Initially, they were all deployed on the airport service A35 but now find their ways in North Lantau. DN1 was participated a activity organized by Bus Fan World and seen here outside the Ngong Ping Village.



The plan of the cancellation of 263M was appeared in the route development plan 2009-10. A Dennis Dragon 9.9m, ADS235(JD4215) was passing through one of would be the most affected area, Hung Shui Kiu.



The bus service in Braemar Hill mainly provided by City Bus and NWFB. In addition, KMB solely operated a cross-harbour route linked with Kowloon City. A KMB Dennis Trident 10.6m and NWFB Dennis Trident 10.3m were heading for Braemar Hill Terminus. Though different in length and height, both of them were fitted with Euro 3 Cummins engine.



Kwoon Chung Motors, the parent company of NLB, still provide support on the route linking Southern Lantau to meet the great demand of tourists. A Isuzu with China Kong bodywork was passing through Tung Chung Road towards Tung Chung Town Centre. As the completion of improvement works in Tung Chung Road, this section of Tung Chung Road in the photo will be closed from 6, Feb. , 2009.



11 Alexander Dennis Enviro200Dart ordered by KCRC Bus Division were entered service with MTR Bus Division since the end of Aug., 2008. Here was the first of this batch, 901(NM4716) passing through Tuen Mun Town Centre heading For Tin Fu, Tin Shui Wai.



Total 34 Leyland Olympians 10.4m were introduced by City Bus from 1992-93 for the Stanley routes after acquisition of "Network 26". 231(FS3645) was seen here working on 98 and awaiting it next departure for Lei Tung.



There were almost 200 samples of Mitsubishi MK midibus introduced by KMB and KCRC Bus Division (now known as MTR Bus). In 2009, only less than 70 left in KMB fleet while those in MTR Bus fleet will be replaced by Enviro200Darts within this year. Seen in Ping Ha Road, Tin Shui Wai, MTR 309 (EZ3045) was working on K75 while AM152 (FN7719) of KMB was heading for Yuen Long (East).

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