海格 KLQ6109GQHEV5 Higer KLQ6109GQHEV5

編號 Class:HE






A pair of Higer KLQ6109GQHEV5 10.8m extended-range electric bus was acquired by Transmac in 2018 which was the first electric bus in the fleet and they were first registered in Jul., 2018 and classed as HE. Transmac first deployed them on route 72 linking between The University of Macau and Taipa and then evaluated in succession on route 34, 5, 9A, 51A, MT4, AP1, 1A, 32 and 51 with different road conditions and demand.

As described in Transmac website, the extended-range electric bus was powered by batteries and driven by pure electric power and zero emission and noise was achieved. In case of the low battery level, the range extender (i.e. an engine manufactured by Dongfeng Cummins) started to charge the battery to enhance the cruising power. GPS was used to ensure best energy efficiency can be achieved when the bus in a non-populated area.

There still plenty room for improvement when compared with the traditional diesel powered single decker. Batteries and related components occupied certain space of the bus compartment and as a result, only 56 passengers with 26 seatings can be carried in contrast to 60 - 70 passengers can be carried by a diesel version Higer with same overall length. To go one step further, the gross vehicle weight of KLQ6109GQHEV5 was more than 15 tonnes which exceeded the limit for passing through Macau-Taipa Bridge (Ponte Governador Nobre de Carvalho) and indicated extended-range electric bus cannot serve the route that running along the bridge. Transmac standard wood-effect floor and USB chargers can be found within the compartment of KLQ6109GQHEV5.

A batch of 30 modified version KLQ6109GQHEV5 were ordered by Transmac in 2019. Unfortunately, D.S.A.T of Macau prohibited the commission of new buses before the new bus operation contract to be finalized and as a result, this batch of KLQ6109GQHEV5 found their new home with AA Tourism Limited for the use of staff shuttle of Galaxy Macau. They were originally painted with standard Transmac livery but re-painted with another livery to distinguish them form Transmac's buses in Nov., 2020. Currently HE01 and HE02 were scheduled on route MT4 and whether more extended-range electric bus joined Transmac, time will tell the answer.

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車隊編號 Fleet No.:HE01
車牌 Registration No.:MX7769
路線 Route:51

車隊編號 Fleet No.:HE02
車牌 Registration No.:MX7866
路線 Route:9A
車隊編號 Fleet No.:HE02
車牌 Registration No.:MX7866
路線 Route:9A

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