海格 KLQ6108GQ28E4 Higer KLQ6108GQ28E4

編號 Class:K254 - K308


從外觀上,這批新車跟二零一一年所引進的海格 KLQ6108GQ30完全相同,唯一分別是車牌是黑底白字而非黑底黃字,這亦表示相關巴士是需要向政府繳付稅款。在機械配搭方面,盡是新福利的標準,動力來源是來自中國製的東風康明斯引擎,配用福伊特全自動傳動系統,空調系統是來自國內的品牌同創提供,透過主引擎驅動。另一個跟二零一一年大舉購入的海格巴士不同的地方,就是全數巴士車廂都有安排輪椅停泊區,進一步方便傷健人士出行。


Instead of the pair of Euro 5 Mitsubishi Rosa minibus joined Transmac fleet, Transmac also acquired a batch of full-sized single decker from Higer (Suzhou Kinglong) and total 55 units ordered. The model of the order is KLQ6108GQ28E4 and as the model name shown, all these new buses only comply with Euro 4 emission standard, this is still acceptable in Macau but not in Hong Kong.

It is hardly to distinguish a KLQ6108GQ28E4 from the KLQ6108GQ30 introduced in 2011 in the fleet, the most distinct differences is the registration plate. The wording on the plate of KLQ610828E4 is white in colour, this also indicated this batch of buses need to pay tax to the government when registered. The standard Transmac specification was chosen on this batch of Higer, powered by a Dongfeng Cummins engine with the fully automatic transmission supplied by Voith. The roof-mouted air conditioning from Tongchuang is driven by the main engine. To provide the most convenient to the disability, all these Higer provide a wheelchair parking bay within the cabin.

The carrying capacity of Transmac was enhanced when first Higer KLQ6108GQ28E4 of the batch started to serve commuters in Jul ., 2013. At the early stage of their service, they were mainly deployed on route 25F, 32 and 34. As more new Higer joined the fleet, those routes linking Taipa and Macau like 25, 26A and 33, can be also easily to find a KLQ6108GQ28E4. To go one step further, Macau route 5 also served by this batch of Higer along with the Dennis Dart and Higer KLQ6108GQ30. The latest route served by the Euro 4 Higer bus is 37U, linking University of Macau DE Hengqin and Taipa city.

At present, Transmac still acquired new buses from Higer, however, the model is 12m long KLQ6129GQE4 and the first batch of this order is already delivered.

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車隊編號 Fleet No.:K254
車牌 Registration No.:MR7186
路線 Route:25

車隊編號 Fleet No.:K258
車牌 Registration No.:MR7831
路線 Route:37U

車隊編號 Fleet No.:K264
車牌 Registration No.:MR7961
路線 Route:37U

車隊編號 Fleet No.:K265
車牌 Registration No.:MR7964
路線 Route:9A
路線 Route:33

車隊編號 Fleet No.:K266
車牌 Registration No.:MR8024
路線 Route:33

車隊編號 Fleet No.:K267
車牌 Registration No.:MR8026
路線 Route:25

車隊編號 Fleet No.:K270
車牌 Registration No.:MR8157
路線 Route:32

車隊編號 Fleet No.:K288
車牌 Registration No.:MS1935
路線 Route:26A

車隊編號 Fleet No.:K291
車牌 Registration No.:MS2095
路線 Route:34

車隊編號 Fleet No.:K299
車牌 Registration No.:MS4830
路線 Route:34

車隊編號 Fleet No.:K300
車牌 Registration No.:MS4914
路線 Route:5

車隊編號 Fleet No.:K306
車牌 Registration No.:MS5217
路線 Route:25X

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