Scania L94UB

編號 Class:21-23

新香港巴士於二零零三年除了向富豪招手購入B7RLE外,同時亦向另一家瑞典車廠Scania購入三架L94UB大型低地台單層巴士,同樣是首批出現於本港的同型新車。跟富豪B7RLE一樣,全數Scania L94UB都是以底盤形式運抵本港,然後由本地車身廠建造車身。跟富豪B7RLE取向不一樣,新香港巴士委託中港車身製造廠替Scania設計及裝配車身,而這批巴士其中一個特色就是除了各有一道上落車門,於外側車身中間增設一道車門,大大減少在邊境上落乘客的時間。至於車尾設計亦跟Scania原廠的Omnicity車身相似。ScaniaL94UB載客量雖然跟猛獅NL263一樣是八十一人,但在座數目則稍為優勝,共有二十五個。全數Scania L94UB均由原廠歐三引擎驅動,全自動波箱屬ZF產品,而空調系統則由Thermo King提供


Instead of acquiring B7RLE from Volvo, NHKB placed an initial order for 5 Scania L94UB full-sized super low floor single decker in 2003 for networks expansion. The Scania L94UB ordered by NHKB is the first in Hong Kong and they were delivered in CKD with their bodywork assembled by China Kong locally, probably due to reducing cost. The China Kong bodywork featured with an addition doorway on the offside and hence the boarding time can be shortened. To go one step further, the rear is resemblance to the Omnicity bodywork of Scania.

Same as the MAN NL263, total carrying capacity of the L94UB is 81 passengers with 25 seats provided. The cabin is air conditioned by Thermo King roof mounted unit driven by Scania Euro 3 engine with ZF fully automatic transmission. All 3 Scania L94UB entered service between the end of 2003 and early 2004. Fleet no. 22 was sent to Discovery Bay for evaluation prior being registered but with an unsuccessful result. As mentioned before, total 5 L94UB was ordered, however, only 3 entered service with NHKB, for the remaining, one also bodied by China Kong without the offside doorway and served with Cherry while the final one, with an unknown fate.

車隊編號/車牌 Fleet No./Registration No.:21/LG4761

車隊編號/車牌 Fleet No./Registration No.:22/LK2637

車隊編號/車牌 Fleet No./Registration No.:23/LN4813

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